Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Tax Reform? ACA? Time to Disrupt ! 

No way to run a government. Is anyone paying attention to the lack of Congressional thinking on America’s future ?  Where are the Conservatives denouncing increasing the deficit? Where are the Democrats decrying tax cuts for the wealthy? Who is thinking about the American people.

It’s a known fact Corporate Tax Cuts do not increase investment in product development or higher wages for employees. The tax cuts are giveaways to the wealthy. They benefit. The elimination of estate taxes reduces revenue from the wealthy. The Walmart family already has an $8Billion exemption. It was given to them to create well paying jobs. We know that never happened.
What else will the tax cuts do? They will make Billionaire hedge fund owners wealthier as their income continues to be counted as a capital gain , lowered from 20% to 15%. A far cry from treating their Billion dollar incomes as salary to be taxed at 35%.
The list is egregious actions proposed continues. Real Estate Moguls like our President get to take more deductions while Middle Income Families in New York and California will see an increase in their taxes as deductions for State taxes disappear.

So much to dislike. Yet where is the resistance ? The sound of silence is deafening.
Keep advocating for your self interest and remember not to vote anyone into office who continues to destroy our way of life.


See you at 11am and let’s chat.

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