Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am When winning destroyed our Democracy! 

Relationships are tricky. Whether it’s family or governments , transparency, honesty, even handedness are necessary components of an honest enduring relationship. 

I’ve been listening to the news today and I’m appalled by Comey’s testimony, Giuliani ‘s collusion, GOP collusion and ex security ( FBI’s) agents collusion in the stealing of our Democracy. At this point, no matter who is or isn’t indicted, I will not consider the Trump Presidency legitimate.    Why, dear reader you may ask, don’t I consider the Trump Presidency legitimate ? Comey, the GOP and ex FBI agents covered up and underplayed the Russian Connection to Trump and the Trump Campaign staff.

We now know , according to the Washington Post, conservative evangelicals started courting Russians as an acceptable alternative to human rights programs.   They were anti the LBGTQ community, women’s rights and leaned authoritarian. Putin and strongmen in the Ukraine presented ” good ” role models.

There was no transparency in FBI testimony about Russian collusion and interference in various GOP election campaigns either?   Why not? Shouldn’t Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio be concerned. Shouldn’t moderate Republicans seek the truth ?

Our Democracy has been hijacked by persons wishing to place an “elitist pro business person”   in office to further their own personal gain.    Their win at any cost election philosophy destroyed our Democracy and made a mockery of a free fair election?  

Winning has become more important then love of Country. That’s sad. Self aggrandizement has become more important then love of country and our people, that’s sad beyond words. We have lost our sense of ethics , integrity and morality. We no longer play fairly by the rules. We no longer present clear facts that persuade the electorate to vote for their self interest because the candidate has no plan to benefit the people. Sad! So sad!

Where do we go from here? We advocate for our rights. We don’t vote for candidates who would defund healthcare and education. We make infrastructure programs our National priority. We make Comey’s investigation into the Russian connections a priority !

Until we have all the answers , folks supporting the end of our Democracy will prevail. We are a Nation of Laws, pragmatic laws, that help “we the people ” achieve the good life. I will not rest till we know we have a secure Democracy with a large inclusive tent. None of you should want anything less. If you do, our Democracy will slip away and be replaced by men in suits controlling our lives.
Politics affects US! 
See you at 11 am.

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