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On an upbeat note, Macron, won the French election. It proves that when , ” we the People” unite, we can and do defeat phony Populists. When Le Pen’s supporters were the Alt right , in France and America, plus Russia , the French people united to defeat these extreme influences on their politics. We dear readers , and followers, played our part too, by unconditionally supporting Macron. We must consider the same tactics when confronting future elections in the USA, unite behind a Centrist candidate for America to progress. Onward, indeed!
NOW BACK TO Topical AMERICAN NEWS, dear followers, our economy can do better . We’re not creating well paid jobs fast enough! Janet Yellen believes part of the problem is less well paid women in the workforce. That’s part of the problem. Let’s look at some other facts as well.



Last week we learned 211,000 new jobs were created. Where? What field? I just learned that after Walmart, Private Equities are the largest employers in our Country.
Bad, so bad! What does private equity produce? They cornered the housing market making profits on foreclosures, now they own the rental market and many prominent businesses are laden with debt! No new R&D, no investment in people or new products, they are contributing to the stagnant economy.
At the beginning of our recession we were told 450,000 jobs had to be added to overcome recessionary trends 9 yrs later .  We appear to be stuck with low inflation and stagnation in products and wages.  The statistics are misleading.


Another ” beef” , when  Jeb Hensearling, assumes the Chair of the Banking Committee,  important banking regulations may be deleted. The Banks do not have enough ” good” assets to overcome a Black Swan event.   My 2 cents. The magic # is 20% capitalization ensuring that the systemically important Banks not , “we the people ” take a hit , if and when a bail out is required.   ( my reference is this week’s Economist)  Monetary Policy alone cannot fix our Country’s lack of productivity.  Poor policy, on the other hand, can lead us back to Recession!

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