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Blind faith in a Political Party is destroying America. It was disappointing to hear John Kaisek , a former moderate, support Trump. Why would anyone think Trump’s first 100 days was a victory for the People?  Clearly, we now know, “we the People” are infact pawns in Trump’s larger gain for himself…..

The first 100 days have been a nightmare for many who depended upon Trump for jobs. All of his schemes are a massive giveaway to himself and his 300 business advisors. They stand to make Billions, if not Trillions , as the State’s and Federal government become destitute .  Now we learn, his massive planned tax cuts for the already wealthy and Big Business will create a nightmare for IRS enforcement.  Tax evasion by the wealthy is now equivalent to our National Debt.  More evasion will exacerbate our liquidity problem.

If Corporate taxes plus loopholes , reduce taxation to 15%, this becomes a windfall for the already wealthy.  In  actuality , with no new revenue and reduced revenue, Social Security, MEDICARE and Medicaid will be defunded along with every other program that benefits the poor, the working poor and the vanishing Middle Class . Healthcare will be defunded as well, as States grapple with a revenue shortfall.

Our Country will no longer be #1 , if Trumpians get their way. A few individuals will prosper as the rest of us slip into poverty. Some of the suggestions I’ve read have made me terminate The New York Times in print. How dare anyone suggest in the business section on 4/20/17, that student debt should be converted to home mortgages for cheaper rates. The entire student loan program has become a fraudulent enterprise benefiting the Federal Government. Under this latest scheme, Fannie and Freddie are ready to convert your debt to a home equity line or a mortgage at more favorable rates for now! The operative word is for now! If Trump’s 15% Corporate Tax plan is approved, Fannie and Freddie will be forced to go bankrupt. Guess who’s waiting in the wings to take it Public, none other then another Trump advisor, John Paulson, who made a killing in the Mortgage foreclosure business along with Steve Minuchin, our Treasury Secretary, formerly with IndyMac. They’ll celebrate all the way to the Bank, once again. LOL.

Say no to every scheme put forth by the Trump administration, unless and until we know all the ramifications of their passage into Legislation. Talk and write to your Congressman and woman, today and every day. We the People must know how every law effects us and the US Deficit. It appears that the GOP has just suspended their aversion to more debt. Just say NO!

Trump has no intention of helping the Middle Class. Nothing has changed, we are being conned by masters of the art of Persuasion. Say no and maintain the pressure on Congress. Resist and advocate or we will have a rebellion, like so many other nations battling corruption and it’s outcome;   starvation!

See you at 11am and let’s chat!

” the heart and soul of the Middle Class”

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