Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am “Late Capitalism”Trumps the GOP’s Patriotic Duty!

“Late Capitalism”  reminds me of end stage cancer. The end of capitalism as I knew it and the social consciousness that was joined to capitalism. 

What we are experiencing now is pure unfettered capitalism or greed. The end result of a socially  concerned and  business conscious world. This “late capitalism” is akin to cannibalism as businesses eat themselves in order to generate profits not products.  They delude themselves when they profess to care about their shareholders.  Big Business cares only about short term large profits for themselves.   Big Business has forgotten the  consumer and  they have forgotten their employees;   tools of business.

Dreadful , sad , all these adjectives apply as Big Business and their enablers rush like Lemmings toward their destruction. 

I learned and experienced a socially responsible Capitalistic world. A business world where there was a genuine consideration of the employee and an employees needs.
I learned never to invest in a business that did not invest in itself.   If that business valued it’s product , it would constantly evolve to reinvent itself and it’s product lines.
It was considered Patriotic to pay your taxes to fund the social safety nets that made your employees successful enough to purchase your product.


When I worked for Ford, we were encouraged to purchase Ford cars. Similarly after working there for a year,  we were allowed to purchase 2 cars every 6 months at a deep discount for our families. That was smart capitalism. Dedicated employees became the customer base .  They were concerned with product quality because our product was used by us and those we loved.   In addition,  as an employee we were further rewarded when we provided good ideas to the Ford Motor Co.   Our  ideas paid off  handsomely for us and the Corporation.


Smart capitalism vs late stage capitalism is a world apart. An alien world that leaves everyone poorer,  except the few elites at the top and sometimes their shareholders.

There is only one path for Late Stage Capitalism and that’s destruction. No one wins and we all suffer together. Unless we claw back their ill gotten gains and make those responsible for Society’s destruction accountable and responsible for Society’s reconstruction. With the proper leadership and policies all is possible. 


See you at 11am and let’s chat! ” Late Capitalism” is preventing the GOP from acting  to remove  Donald Trump from the office of the Presidency.  They could move to Impeach him or remove him through The 25th Amendment.  It’s all about preserving their money.  “We the People” have been forgotten till we rise up with one voice.


“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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