JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am No time for chaos! Advocate loudly. 

“We the People” are being listened to!  Congress has responded with a special counselor, our previous FBI director Robert Mueller,  That’s good news. Trump is being advised to seek his own attorney outside government.  Congress continues their probes into the Trump Russian connections.  Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor appointed by Justice,  is now going to conduct an investigation into criminality on anyone’s part, in the Trump administration.    Meanwhile, the designated adults in the room, composed of McMasters, Mattis and Tillerson will be responsible for Foreign Policy damage control.
Only Congress can move our Country forward domestically and economically .


The real question is can Congress forge a union for the good of our Country, as  our Nation  now re- enters  a phase of several credit bubbles and Debt?:

1. Corporate Debt

2. Student Loans & Debt

3. Car Loans

4. Consumer credit

If interest rates rise, our fragile economy could enter a Recession. If interest rates remain low, “we the people”, will not be able to manage our debt without rising wages. Where are other proponents of a Private Public socially responsible Society. We need government revenues to improve our Economy.

Our lives depend upon a growing productive economy. Literally, as we watch chaos unfold in the White House, the Antarctic may be losing ice at an unstoppable rate. It is an impending catastrophe that could translate into boom times for us with a little long term planning. What we were promised must become reality. We need infrastructure programs to adapt to and mitigate the changes anticipated in our environment.

We have no more time left for political gamesmanship. The pettiness of our era should be discouraged as we raise our voices high and State our needs. We the people can no longer be counted on to bail out the Banks. That’s the Financial Industries’  responsibility.

Our needs are simple , a living wage for work performed. Gender equality. We’ll give our 200% only when we’re recognized as valued team players. Otherwise , Late Capitalism, will be too late to save itself. 
Advocate for a living wage. 

Advocate for a massive infrastructure program and don’t take no response as an answer. 

Advocate for affordable quality Healthcare & education!   Job  growth is the goal of our agenda. 

With 534 in Congress , there are enough Committees to make our Dreams come true. Think every day is your last and make it count.
Onward! We are moving forward! See you at 11 am and let’s chat.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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