Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Who dares to vote against the well being of the Poor, our Kids and The Middle Class? 

No one knows when tragedy strikes. Why in “heaven’s name” would we inflict pain on our own citizens without cause? Do you think we wish to be poor or homeless or addicted to opioids to forget our despair? Do you think the Middle Class enjoys debt and groveling for a substandard wage, chained to a job that we hate and can’t leave?

We are people just like you,  our elected Representatives to Congress. Have you forgotten you came from our Communities? Where is your loyalty to us? We elected you! We put you in a position of power and now you have forsaken us for your new benefactors , the monied few, who have made your lives more comfortable then ours. We know. We know you prefer their company to ours and yet you dare hope that after your massive betrayal , we will vote you back to Congress. Never again. Never again. This time we the people know your loyalties are not us. We know we were inconvenient pawns on your climb upward, while we’re left without healthcare, education, long range planning for Infrastructure programs. We know and we demand that you exercise your patriotic duty to us before Party.

Let’s chat at 11 am and discuss revenue v tax cuts for the wealthy.

Shine the light on Government. Do not allow Mitch McConnell to hold budget meeting behind closed doors. We the People want to know who votes against our inalienable rights to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  POLITICS AFFECTS US!
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

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