The Voice of Joyce: Revenue Generation Now! Say No to Trump Tax Cuts….

slide4slide5slide6slide7Dear followers, in this age of austerity and uncertainty, we don’t need more pain from austerity.  The only reason for tax cuts is to reward Trump’s cronies, those Billionaires and Lobbyists in his administration and any Congressman or women who votes for an austerity budget rather then a job growth program.


I’ve developed several solutions to our State of Inequality.  Review them at your leisure.  Add your thoughts.  There are pockets of wealth in many Communities and there are many pockets of poverty and despair and opioid addiction.  It is up to us, the electorate , to make our wishes loud and clear.  According to our religious training, being a good person demands that you speak up for your fellow man.  We all need equal opportunity to prosper.


All the best!

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