JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Say No to Tax Cuts/ Save the Middle Class! 

Trump maybe stupid and he’s a dangerous liability to “we the People”., too! Trump is our President , his policies deserve attention when the checks and balances evaporate , particularly scrutinize his tax cuts, if enacted , they will transfer the rest of our Country’s wealth to the Millionaires and Billionaires and their heirs. It will be the largest wealth transfer in our history.

When tax cuts are given to “we the People”, after 2-3 yrs our real wages will decrease. If you haven’t recovered from the 2008 Recession you’re not going to like the reenactment of the Great Depression.

The ultra wealthy will pay no taxes. The Federal deficit will increase. The various bubbles will burst and our Monetary system as we know it will collapse. Our money will be worthless.

Who amongst the Billionaire Class will speak out against this dreadful program of deregulation , rampant greed, fueled by excessive CEO compensation and proposed tax cuts.

We have the power to advocate for our self interests. Let Mueller work on finding the Russia Connections. We the People must focus relentlessly on Trumps policies. The wealthy Conservative arm of the GOP put him in office. The Supreme Court now has 2 individuals who will further their goal of wealth transfer to the wealthy and big business , Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch ! Both bought and paid for by Billionaires.
We have a voice. Together we can change our World. We must unite to preserve our old way of living and move forward into the 22nd Century.

Raise your voice with mine and together we can overturn bad policy. Policy is people. There is nothing mysterious about Trumps goals. He seeks to transfer money to his cronies and destroy the livelihood of ordinary Americans with the help of many the GOP governors and others.
I am all inclusive in my politics. I support common sense and the Middle. I also support a creative prosperous future for my children and grandchildren. I have to look forward, it’s in my DNA!


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