Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Je suis Humain!  Tu es Humain! We’re not perfect…

Je suis Humian! Tu es Humian ! Being human, is a blessing and a curse.   There is no perfection in humanity.

Without perfection we can’t judge ourselves or be judged. We are what we are! That’s why we  live with Laws and Regulations , or we experience chaos.

No sense hating Trump and his proposals , he is a symptom of our changing time. No sense hating or feeling miserable for ourselves either, who knew we were plunging into unknown territory for us and our kids?

Though the knowledge was staring us in the face, we collected wounds like badges of honor. It felt good for a while, being a victim, carrying grudges and despair has it’s limitations. It is far better to accept our role in our own demise and figure out a way to move forward.

Yesterday, I  jokingly told a friend I could do anything.   She responded, “can you play Rachmaninov”?   and I said,  no. I’d leave that expertise to her, a concert pianist. I admit my fallibility and  will gladly ask for your help.

We’ve remained silent too long; Suffering  in silence, being calm, carrying  on!   That’s ok once we’ve got a plan to take back our Country and our moral compass from the Barbarians holding us hostage. Till then , we must unite and  understand our common plight .  70% of us are in the Middle and lower classes.  We out number the wealthy 3 :1 .   Let’s commit to do something to make our lives meaningful. Strike for the Common Man which is most of us and let’s demand a reinstatement of our values, our sense of community and equal opportunity for all.   Nothing less will do.

No more fretting about tomorrow. Tomorrow is here and it belongs to us! Carpe Diem. !

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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