Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Systems are broken, fix them & return to “good paying”jobs ! 



Don’t break out the Champagne yet. McConnel is merely reloading and reassessing how much more he has to give to get votes. Kicking the problem down the road further out may snare some. Don’t be fooled he and Trump need this win, even if it kills all of us! Wait and See!


  • Like all significant unsolved , yet solvable problems in our World, another fix delayed until the right spin,  not healthcare solutions,  is devised. 

Our leaders , it appears,  don’t make workable fixes for the “common good”.   Why bother? They’d rather plan for chaos and catastrophe on someone else’s watch!

Healthcare can be fixed by calling on key players : the Insurance Companies, Big Pharma , the Hospitals and physicians and patients!   Give them time together with the experts and we’ll get an affordable quality healthcare system. When you work in the dark, no promises can be achieved to aid “we the People”. Must be their plan, voters are expendable.

Riders in our subway systems are expendable too! NYC subways are overcrowded and underfunded and ear piercingly loud. Not to mention reaching a point of non functional! What are NY ‘s legislatures doing bickering over,  jurisdiction?   Rather then fixing the problems of a 112 yr old system our Railroads are deteriorating as we use them.   Maintenance and repairs must be scheduled to allow 6 million riders a smooth efficient means of transportation to work. We can’t kick the can down the road any longer.  There is a real need to spend money on our crumbling Infrastructure now.  We’ll get several “bangs” for our buck,  more good paying jobs for enough people sooner rather then later!

England already believes deregulation has been overused. They’re going to have to reclad hundreds of buildings.

The new Ransomeware striking the World shows us our tech vulnerabilities. Are we seeing chaos everywhere?

We have enough reasons to start massive National Infrastructure programs. The needs exist to move whole sectors back into economic solvency. The Political will? They prefer to collect two salaries: one from “we the People” and the 2 nd unlimited salary,  from their benefactors. Ah well! How long do we allow Late Capitalism to rule our lives when economic solutions exist to provide work for all!

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