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On Wednesday we talked about “the Perfect Storm”.  Too many dysfunctional parts occurring in our Society at the same time.  Inequality of massive proportions has taken place in America through the use of preferential tax cuts to Corporations and the “already wealthy”.  This is not capitalism, this is greed!


Capitalism flourished when Corporate taxes and personal taxes were higher for multinationals and the “upper classes”.  Laws were in place to assure that taxation was collectible and enforced.  Productivity was also higher when employees were valued and paid a proper wage.


Unbridled , runaway Capitalism, has left America and Americans suffering as the few become wealthy on the backs of the shrinking Middle Class and the working poor.  Not convinced?  Please review the enclosed slides on Inequality and the proposed changes to our existing Affordable Care Act.  With a will to change, we can create a society that benefits all of us.  America is awash in money.  We have to generate revenue and unite again, as before, to build an America for the 21st and 22 nd Century.  We can do it if we acknowledge the suffering of all of the working poor and the suffering of the shrinking Middle Class.  We’re suffering for the benefit of the greediest amongst us.  Why?


Inequality Slides

2 slides-Medicaid


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