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I’ve just read about Trump’s tweet , ” asking Senators to REPEAL THE  ACA  FIRST AND REPLACE it LATER”?’!!! This makes me “mad as hell”.   The thought that policy, no matter how dreadful, is to be defended ignoring the needs of “we the People”, is venal.    Fix the ACA and make it work!   Healthcare is indeed our  right:  Quality healthcare at the lowest cost to serve the many is our goal.


We all know, the immediate impact of TRUMP’s  “I don’t care policy”  on Americans would be devastating,  not to mention chaotic and catastrophic for both patients and  the entire Healthcare Industry!  A bipartisan approach to Healthcare, which appeals to many Americans, would assure that the “experts” were consulted and used to address America’s opioid addiction problem , Healthcare costs, quality of care and drug pricing.  Americans are united on our desire to have affordable healthcare for all.


Kudos to those GOP statesmen who have held their ground defending the rights of their Constituents.   They should be supported by “we the People”, as Trump Billionaire cronies try to destroy their “power”.   We the People, need the support of our representatives in Congress.  Otherwise, why re-elect them to represent us?


If you think we could learn from the Global Community that has good experience with National Healthcare, why not send “teams” to liaison with Healthcare policy makers at the top 5 Countries exhibiting quantifiable  “good” Healthcare outcomes.   We don’t have to travel far: Switzerland, the Scandinavian Countries and South Korea?


Enough is enough! Time to encourage  the “People’s Advocates” and urge the experts to come to “table” with valid proposals to make our lives better!  Time to unite! ” We the People”  have a choice and Voice. Let’s start writing our own story!
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