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Dear followers:  this is a work in progress. Feel free to add your thoughts and I’ll publish the finished draft on Friday. I look forward to hearing from you. If you’re not earning a $100,000 a yr , you’re part of the distressed working poor!

Read history and let’s write our own story!
Headline:  Medicaid draining the budgets of the State and Federal Government ? The Hardline GOP who rail against entitlements must be joking and forgetting their part in recent American history.

Who started tax cuts to Big Business and the Ultra Wealthy. Ronald Regan. Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist proclaimed, “no new taxes on “, the wealthy. It worked for them as they knowingly encouraged Corporations to move their operations off shore.
It wasn’t the trade agreements, though they benefitted big business over small business , that caused the loss of jobs. Tax cuts did it.

Economists  warned about the consequences of moving Corporations off shore. Nobody listened. 

Now millions of folks are  stranded without alternative jobs. To make matters worse, skilled labor, working in one State, could be displaced,  when the Corporation they worked for moved to another State  granting lower taxes over 10 yrs.
Google facts : 13.9 million immigrants came to America from 2000 on.

The US has millions unemployed and that coupled with the influx of millions of immigrants decreases the earning power of the entire group. There is competition for low paying jobs and Americans are left with low wages unable to pay their bills.
Clinton’s 2 nd term saw the overturning of Glass Steagall , the acceptance of Derivative trading and the ushering in of Lobbyists.

Financial deregulation led to the the greed of Wall Street and the collapse of the Banks and AIG in 2008.

This scenario left the Middle Class desperate. In many instances they lost their homes and their jobs. Their misery was compounded by student loan debt.
8 yrs later where are Americans? We’re suffering with poorly paid work. The Middle Class has decreased 24% and the poor and working poor have increased. Now Congress wants to take away Medicaid benefits? Why? Knowing the history of our last 30 yrs, how could anyone be so callous?

Where are the good paying jobs for Americans and how do they apply for them? We can reduce Medicaid and Opioid addiction , if we treat Americans with compassion and give everyone work and reinstate Middle Management .  It’s stressful to be an American today. Nothing is resolved ?
Pity , I’ve got solutions and I know that implementing them would take an act of Congress.
Is anyone listening? 

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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