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Keeping hope alive. Resist the temptation to be categorized and labeled. We are all suffering if you belong to the poor, poor working class and the dwindling Middle Class.
Our goals have not been met. We need affordable Healthcare and good paying jobs. Now that our infrastructure is crumbling in most states you’d think we could see economic progress ? We won’t unless funds come from the Federal Government. The next time you see you Congressman ask how they intend to improve our infrastructure?

We can generate revenue to fund these projects, not  through tax cuts for the Corporations and the already wealthy;  that’s how the States became deficit spenders.

To reverse our deficits, “we the People” must insist on Revenue Generation.  Taxation that effects everyone, not just the working poor and the dwindling Middle Class.

  • Tax derivatives  and generate $660Billion conservatively. Change Hedge Fund Fees to income and  create several billion dollars, more.    Tax millisecond trades too and we’ve got a Trillion dollars for Infrastructure


  • Raise the income level on FICA contributions without employer exemptions and we’ll keep SS, Medicare and Medicaid solvent.


  • Eliminate the $24 Billion going to farm subsidies and we have income for those who lost their jobs in the coal and fossil fuel industry.
  • Elimination of the fossil fuel subsidies generates $660 Billion. Some of that money could go to alternative fuel development and education and training
  • Consider helicopter Money?  Convert 1.7 trillion in Fedreally held bonds to cash for 154,000,000 people 18 yrs and older.  The payout $12,000/each.  That’s a safety net for hard times.

The money exists. Let’s use it for resurrection of the Middle Class. .   See you at 11am and let’s talk!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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