Joyce Periscope @11am Be a Patriot vote No on Repeal!  Healthcare & People trump politics! 

Want to break big money in politics , urge your Congressman to vote against their Party leadership. Does your Congressman vote in your best interests or in the interests of his Party? Why should anyone allow taxation without representation?  
All we need are a few decent folks to vote in the best interests of all citizens, not a select group opposed to the ACA. ACA is a work in progress. It can be tweaked and made better without ruining the lives of your fellow Americans. The Federal government can negotiate with the Insurance Companies and standardize insurance costs independent of States, if everyone is insured. Medicare can negotiate pharmaceutical pricing, if Congress mandates it. 
The problems with the ACA are based on previous negotiations. If you are not a partisan and care about the health and well being of our country’s citizens, you’ll vote No on Repeal and make the ACA work for everyone. 
That’s my two cents. Healthcare is too important an issue for every American to be dependent on the mean spirited voices of one Party’s Leadership. 

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class ” 

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