JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trump vs Americans “What has Trump done for America?”

What has Donald Trump done for Americans? Let’s examine the facts.

By not fully funding the ACA Insurance subsidies, new deals will need to be made late in this year, in order to reset and/or maintain both the compliance and affordability of Insurance companies on the exchanges. The individual mandates must be reinstated as well. Doing nothing is not an option; millions rely on Medicaid and the health insurance exchanges. Americans need quality health care coverage as well as peace of mind.

We can do better!

Meanwhile, both here and abroad Trump is helping Putin and Russia while destroying fledgling renewable energy businesses at home. Powerful lobbies on the extreme right are taking away the cost effectiveness of rooftop solar power. They are concerned that money is not flowing into nuclear or other more profitable fuels. For the first time America’s electric grid is powered 65% by solar energy. It’s cheaper, safer and cleaner then nuclear energy.
Some in the Energy Dept., including its Director, are lobbying against our use of renewables, as individual states suffer under scalding temperatures, creating wildfires in California, Colorado and Arizona. Air travel has also been cancelled on several triple digit days.

On the Global scene, our pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord and declining to lead, allows Putin to run energy in Europe, benefitting his policies directly. No matter that we can’t pull out for 3 years, lacking initiative from the US creates other partnerships
and alliances that may not benefit America and Americans.

We are part of the Global community. The Trump administration can make imported goods and services expensive for Americans through his calculated, disastrous foreign policies. He is currently considering very high tariffs on steel imports that will be crippling for American businesses, make our exports too expensive and encourage trade wars. Trump’s alignment with Russian policy does not serve the interests of this country, particularly when you consider the fact that all our intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia has hacked our governmental institutions, and now it is assumed they are phishing our electric grid and voting machines. What we should be doing is building critical infrastructure technology ASAP in the areas of defense, our electric grid, our states voting systems, the national transportation grid, air traffic control, and all other major systems throughout this nation.

In summary, the fact sheet appears to weigh far heavier against this President as a promoter of “We the People”! Under Trump, both Domestic and Foreign policy benefit a few over the needs of most Americans.

Let’s now see if Trump makes good on his promise to create a huge national Infrastructure program which would provide good paying Infrastructure jobs at all levels of income. Too much of our country is struggling under the yoke of low paying jobs. 21million Americans work at minimum wage. We are stagnating at home, while Trump continues to cozy up to Big Business and Vladimir Putin. What has Donald Trump done for Americans? Asked & answered.



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