JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trump’s Conflicts of interest affects Government policies!


Conflicts of interest affect Trump administration’s policies directly. 

Conflicts of Interest affect our Foreign Policy:

  • The Trump organization’s ties to Putin have prevented new sanctions from being imposed on Russia for violations of election tampering.  Russian design has now been implicated in North Korea’s ICBM missile arsenal. We are considering sanctions on China, why not Russia too!
  • Russia is not our friend.  Foreign powers have no right to interfere in our elections.  Macron of France was properly outraged by Russian interference in the French election.  Trump may want to forget “his Russian Connections” when he travels to France.  However, the investigations into Trump’s Russian connections  continue to move forward.
  • Tampering with our voting systems and hacking of the Democratic opposition by a Foreign power is an actionable offense.   Voting machines should now be reclassified  as “critical infrastructure” in the United States to safeguard our Democracy!
  • What will happen to Trump, his family, his associates, and his administration depend upon Robert Mueller’s investigation and the ongoing Congressional investigations.   What happens to our relations with Russia depends upon Congress.


Conflicts of interest affect our Domestic Policies:

  • Our energy policy is now heavily influenced by Big Business and lobbyists.  The Energy Department favors fossil fuel and aging nuclear fuel over the use of renewables.
  • Deregulation of the finance industry is occurring with the help of lobbyists and Banks who want Trump to prove his pro business Policy.
  • Subject: The Business Links of Those Leading Trump’s Rollbacks – The New York Times
  • The “puzzler” is why push the unpopular replacement of the ACA when 88% of the Country requests fixing the ACA by renegotiating the insurance exchanges and Medicaid Expansion, and by negotiating lower pricing with pharmaceuticals ?
  • Forget the needs of “We the People”. Some may have thought Trump  worked for them. Like so many in Congress Trump works for Big Business and himself.

We can do better!

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