JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Democracy at work. Trump’s agenda stalls! What’s next! 

What have we learned from Trump’s election? 

  • Democracy works, so far Trump’s Draconian healthcare plan and budget are blocked.
  • Divisions exist within the two Party system.
  • If you give tax breaks to the wealthy , the States and Federal Government don’t collect revenue and can’t service the needs of “we the People”.
  • If you allow big business to go offshore or pay no taxes at home and  allow Big Businesses to switch states to achieve maximum tax breaks, “we the People ” lose our jobs and more.
  • When most jobs are  low  paying and our wages stagnate the  Middle Class has no revenue to sustain them.   Our families, our Communities and the Country suffers!


President’s who envision a better society for Americans can change our World for the better. It won’t happen under Trump, unless those in government recognize, that the needs of “We the People ” come first.

President’s do matter. They shape America’s destiny .   Politics Affects US!
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