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Dear followers:  Our Agenda for this morning!  Plus a few surprises on the Mid East and Fox News.   I’ll log on @10:58 as usual.  See you later!   JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trump’s Agenda brings stagnation and low wages to “We the People”

As Trump’s approval ratings slip in the polls, we Americans are left to ponder this administration’s lack of accomplishments .
Healthcare’s “Better Care”, as envisioned by Senator McConnell , is delayed at least one week, giving time for John McCain to recover from surgery. The CBO score should be announced sometime this week giving credence to this newest Healthcare abomination. Hopefully, this bill will die quietly leaving the GOP no option except the original pragmatic one, necessitating collaborative work with Democrats to stabilize the ACA while lowering insurance and drug costs.



periscope 7-17-17


Perhaps we’ll get a Congress willing to address the needs of “we the People”. I’m hoping but not hopeful. We still need good paying jobs at all levels of income to reverse job growth underemployment and wage stagnation.


If policy doesn’t change soon, Recession is predicted:  too many bubbles forming, again.   We are in a time of crisis. We can improve our State of Inequality,  if we had the will of the People advocating constantly for a non privatized major national infrastructure and transportation program.


While dreaming, I’d wish for more money to the States and Federal Government for Opioid addiction and improved education of our kids. I’d support a universal Apprentice program for high school students as well. Why not train kids for future Technology jobs?


If we’d stop denying climate change and embraced mitigation we could be building the infrastructure for coping with the demands of our altered climate. That would produce innovation and new industries too! We can accomplish much,  if there is a will to envision a prosperous America.
While we remain stuck in the past, only the wealthy prosper while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. This doesn’t have to be our story. We have the power to rewrite our stories, stop electing representatives to Congress , who prefer our deaths rather then propose bipartisan programs that would help us emerge from a lost unprofitable decade. If not now, when ?


We’ve seen the real reason Trump was elected. Big business and the Banks back him to assure that their Party was sustained. Helping the People, sounded nice, but like most campaign promises, it was hot air! It fooled many of “we the People”. We’ve waited and we see no good programs to improve our sorry state of Inequality. Time to wake up and advocate for money on our behalf, too!
Why should  big business , defense , and the banks be entitled to Federal Subsidies?  In addition,  why do the upper classes benefit from massive tax cuts?    It’s time to put the needs of “we the people” first by insisting on a fair and equitable budget.  The  lower and middle class has suffered enough!



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