The Voice of Joyce: What Caused Inequality? Tax Cuts! Read on & we’ll chat Wednesday @11am on Periscope!

Inequality! What caused inequality in our country? How is it possible, with all the unequivocal facts facing Congress, they are still advocating corporate tax cuts and deregulation for big business, and even more personal tax cuts for the wealthy. Their proposals boggle my mind.

Tax cuts for Big Business and tax evasion by the wealthy over the last 30+ years have been the true causes of our State of inequality. Our country’s men and women have suffered at the hands of a greedy few who have had no intention of sharing their profits with average Americans, “We the People”.

Another example of this greed is the latest deal Trump has made with Foxconn, the Chinese Industry noted for LED’s, was lured to Wisconsin to satisfy Trump’s political supporters, Speaker Paul Ryan and Governor Scott Walker and has the potential to cost Wisconsin taxpayers $230K per employee. Wisconsin doesn’t need this new employer , skilled employees will have to be relocated from neighboring states, since Wisconsin unemployment is low!? Ohio, Texas, New York competed for Foxconn, however, Trump made this deal to reward specific political cronies, the rest of us, don’t matter to Trump! The jobs will be allocated by Trump for the few that follow him.

When do we say “enough bad policy”. Americans are entitled to a living wage. First , Congress took away our homes , during the Great Recession of 2008, by changing the Bankruptcy laws to accommodate the Banks ! It’s obvious in our Country, Big Business, the Banks and Wall Street profits come before the needs of Main Street, “We the People”. Adding insult to injury, College education, though highly regarded, is not available to most students without incurring Student Debt, that can almost never be paid off? Many of our young people have been saddled with huge student debt and minimally paying jobs. Other Americans have become underemployed, making it impossible for most to make a living wage without working 2-3 jobs. Now when most average Americans don’t have a savings account or enough money put away to sustain them for 6 months, Republicans in Congress are still talking about tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class.

Raise your voices high when the Federal Budget is introduced. Congress & Trump looked at Healthcare as easy pickings to shave off billions at the expense of the poor and middle class. That didn’t work, thanks to McCain, Collins and Murkowski, three brave moderate Republicans who voted with Democrats to save the ACA. Undaunted, Congress will try to defund our safety nets by cutting the Federal Budget. Don’t let them succeed. We don’t need more tax cuts!

What we do need is a National Federal Infrastructure program that puts millions to work at good paying jobs; a program that crosses America and benefits all Americans, lifting them up out of poverty, breaking the non compete clauses, the arbitration clauses and whatever lawyer gimmicks holds us back from earning a living wage and upward mobility! Continue to advocate for our rights. We cannot be silent in the face of tyranny.

Our children and our grandchildren need us to speak out on their behalf. Democracy demands that we request the ability to pursue life liberty and happiness too! Advocate and run for office now. “We the People” can no longer vote Party Lines or choose to not vote, instead, we must choose to support candidates for government who support the goals of the poor and middle class.

What has caused inequality? Asked and answered. Tax cuts for Big Business and tax evasion created through bad policy has left us with a State of Inequality”. We can change our society to become more fair and equitable, but it will take the voices of 360 million of us.

See you Wednesday and we’ll chat!

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