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Dear followers, it is distressing to listen to the news.  So I’ve stopped listening and read instead, then, I can cherry pick what I think is important.  Right now, I think it’s important to concentrate on the issues we can advocate for ourselves:



  • Protest for something positive
    Equality of opportunity
  • Equal rights and Justice
  •  A basic living wage
  •  A tax on Derivatives , which would generate enough revenue to promote infrastructure Nationally and remains the mainstay of Banking Institutions, a wish that may never happen
  •  Subsidies for renewables
  • A new new deal

While thinking about a positive reason to March on Washington,  I  also thought about recent Economic conundrums affecting “We the People”.

It’s been stated that baby boomers are being replaced by millennial , then how is the Corporate knowledge base retained? Older workers understand the business what do new workers bring to the business besides cheap labor and an understanding of technology? Who teaches young inexperienced employees when IT and other Corporate functions are outsourced?   I’ve heard people  saying recently, doing more with less help is efficient, it’s SOP?  Really?  Perhaps getting by with less, really is less profuctivity, afterall!

Another societal conundrum, if older people want to leave their large homes, where can they go? There are no affordable apartments in cities for them now.

  • There are solutions.
  • Tax foreign investment in Urban Real Estate. Place a surcharge on Apts valued at $25 Million and up, including Brownstones, which may not have been reassessed in years.
  • Establish rent controlled apartments if none exist in your City. Or the elder person wishing to divest expensive real estate .could rent their homes , using a triple net lease with an option to purchase.
  • Than older retirees could  find a rental apt in the City and collect income which would cover their new rent. A win win for the economy as people move into starter homes and then up the economic ladder.

Another good idea to grow our economy. Give young people a chance to improve their economic status. Start investing in their new ideas.

  • My grandson wants to set up an entrepreneurial program at his University.
  • It could becomea  lending platform to many local corporations takiing a small percentage to finance new projects.
  • Or he’s considering soliciting local businesses for jobs, apprenticeships and local funding.


On the Human Rights front, good things are happenning since Charlottesville.  Many organizations are experiencing an uptick in small donations.  Caring and love triumph!  You merely have to look around you to see that Americans are anti hate groups.  We may have taken two steps backwards on civil rights, however, with a rapid response press and transparency in social media, “we the People”, now know what we want in our Society.  We are becoming aware of our needs.
We’ve come a long way since the 50’s in human rights. We’ve taken steps backwards , we’re human. Two steps backward for every step forward. United we can move forward to create jobs for ourselves and others. United we can improve racial and religious tolerance. To survive we have to think positively as we advocate for a better more inclusive Society. If you are like me, I want equal opportunity for all of us.
Being realistic , since it hasn’t happened yet, I want a basic minimum salary for those less fortunate on the economic ladder.

Tolerance of the “other” takes years. Especially since 911 our World has become less secure as we experience the rise of ISIS and “home grown ” terrorists. This era was predictable and unplanned for. We failed to protect our civilization from barbarism. To survive we should be concentrating on what we can control.


Equal opportunity can be had with a stroke of either the Treasury’s pen or by Congressional policy. We won’t protest against policy . We will advocate for our rights. Organizing for jobs, justice, voting rights, let’s begin now!


See you at 11am and we’ll chat and I’ll answer questions posed!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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