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Dear followers, those who tuned in on Wednesday, heard me say a friend had passed away.  I was saddened by her death and will be attending her funeral, Monday @10:30am.  Therefore, our regularly scheduled talks will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, preceding the Labor Day holiday.


 Wishing you all the best.  Please read my Post and we’ll chat Tuesday.  There’s lot’s to talk about and I look forward to your comments.  Joyce

On NPR Thursday, I heard a commentator mention that Millennials are angry at Baby Boomers.  They stated, ” this is why the Millennials don’t buy health insurance”!   This is misplaced anger for sure.  Are they against funding their grandparents?  Paying it forward is the American way.  You pay into the system when you are young and the system will pay for you when you become old.  It’s called Social Security!  Don’t believe Healthcare or Social Security will be there for you?  It will be there,  if we unite and advocate for their continued funding.


Social safety net programs for citizens is our right and not an entitlement.  An entitlement is tax cuts for the wealthy or subsidies for fossil fuels rather than renewable fuels or subsidies for Big Farms and select Congressman who are paid whether or not they produce food for American consumption. That’s an entitlement!


Milennials, before you hate a group, think who is really making your professional life unpleasant.  Since the Reagan Administration, Congress and Big Business have run our country as if it were a large select club benefitting members only and their friends and family.  Are these entities controlled mainly by older white guys? Yes!  That’s why “We the people” must advocate for policy that makes our lives better.


There is a small group to hold responsible for this lack of economic mobility and they are not the vast majority of Americans. That responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of those individuals over the last 30 years who have maintained the seats of power in this country.  They crafted legislation giving Big Business and the Banks more power and money than the average American, or in some cases of trade, more power then sovereign nations.  I call that an entitlement.


However, though we find ourselves angry and more aware than ever before of our collective “feeling of helplessness” over our current condition, “We the People” must move forward together and form a coalition advocating for equal access to economic equality, and social justice, independent of race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation.  There is no time to waste.


 We can’t afford to be angry or we’ll be unable to think clearly when we must passionately and pragmatically work together to advance our platform for change.  Remember, divided we fail and united we prevail.  The more we squabble amongst ourselves  the less interested we are in our collective destiny. That’s precisely what many in Big Business and Government want, a divided, distracted populace!  Let’s not play their game. Start by reading about proposed Government policy.  If you can’t understand it, do some research and become informed on the issues.  Your Congressman or local representatives often have information online or call their offices to inquire about proposed Legislation.    There are many other resources online too.  Soon my upcoming website will provide information on these issues and my position on all of them.


Don’t be fooled by speeches. Look for action that makes your life and your neighbor’s life better.  Join my campaign and be a catalyst for change now.  We are gearing up to run for President in 2020 and there will be more information forthcoming in the near future.  If you want to support my efforts and join the struggle to move America forward, please send me your email address and I will add it to our distribution list.

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