Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Wednesday We need Revenue! Say NO to budget cuts and eliminating consumer protections. 




While Republicans and Democrats are distracted by Hurricane Harvey, who is watching the “small items” marked for destruction, deregulation and budget cuts by the Trump administration?


 In a pique of disregard for Native Americans and the Public Good, the Secretary of the Interior intends to cut back on three monument designations, including Bears Ears, to allow for private drilling for fossil fuel.  No matter that ground water may be destroyed!  Private Big Business comes first.


Next, the Administration will further cut NIH funding to “save money”.  NIH is the engine of research in America.  If scientists and their students continue to lose grant money, America will lose out on research advances for a decade. China will benefit and “we the People ” will lose.  NIH plays an important role in maintaining America’s scientific edge. The administration is cutting valuable funding of basic research to America’s detriment.


College funding of research has made our Universities #1.  In the 1970’s, my graduate education was funded by NIH grants.  Universities depend upon that income to fund labs and students!  This win-win for America becomes a major loss when the NIH budget is cut.  Be aware and tell your Congressmen you want NIH funded.


 In addition to cutting funding to the NIH, Scott Pruitt, the Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is cutting regulations that provide clean air and water to Americans.  He’s even considering defunding Super Fund sites ( 25% are proposed budget cuts ).  Scott Pruitt protects corporate America and not the needs of “We the People”.  He could have insisted that workers got a fair share when mines were closed.  He chose not to! Now he’s letting banned pesticides remain on the market, aiding Dow & DuPont.   Even Methane gas leaks and toxic chemicals leaking into our waterways  are no longer an EPA concern.  Nobody oversees Scott Pruitt.  He has the President ‘s confidence and Big Business backs him, of course.  Career EPA staff and scientists are no longer consulted by anyone.


Moving right along, Janet Yellen and the Fed Vice Chair are concerned about the over zealously loosening of Dodd Frank.  The Banking Industry requires capitalization to withstand further monetary crisis. Though Goldman Sachs and others want a return to proprietary trading, Americans can’t forget we bailed them out in 2008 for risky trades.  Their appetite for risk hasn’t waned.  However, when the next crisis occurs, ” We the People” must not bail them out again.

We need sound monetary systems and stimulus to turn our economy profitable and productive.  The Fed recognizes this economic necessity. When will Congress turn to revenue not tax cuts?! When they do, we can move forward together.

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