Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am What are “We the People’s ” Entitlement? Healthcare is our right . 

I’m stuck on the word “Entitlement” for the Middle Class.  It currently has no meaning for “We the People”.  To what are we ” entitled”?   Affordable healthcare is no longer an entitlement!  Expanded Medicaid, a benefit to millions in 18 states, may no longer be an entitlement!  Opioid counseling is not an entitlement.  Imprisonment for addiction is an entitlement.  Whoopie!

Having our data secure and accurate is not an entitlement.  Instead, we are entitled to lose our identity and credit ratings, which we know can inhibit upward mobility through bad credit, and loss of a job, a home, a car.  We are entitled to apply to good schools.  However, without wealth or a legacy , we can’t afford the price of admission without going into debt.  We are entitled to die for our country.  However, many are not entitled to receive a living wage or enough money to live decently upon return or on disability.

What are we entitled to?  Doesn’t seem like much.  I’d rather not be entitled to anything and receive a living wage commensurate with my skills.The real entitlements go only to the wealthy, those not in need.  They are the entitled class, not “We the People”.

Let’s change the conversation and support real entitlements for the poor and middle class.  We don’t need rhetoric.  We need action to show that we are valued citizens of a great Democracy.  Every American should be provided with (1) good affordable healthcare, (2) a decent education, and (3) fair opportunities for highly paid permanent employment at one’s skill level so we can pursue life, liberty and happiness!

In fact, I believe that healthcare should be our RIGHT, not an entitlement!


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