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This post will continue to address entitlements and our judgements of the people who receive them.  Clue: They are not going to the middle class or the poor.  Entitlements are going to a select 1.5 million people.  It is important to remember how we got to our  state of inequality and its effect on fellow Americans.  It is not immigrants or the minorities who are taking our jobs.  It is monopolistic Big Business and cronyism in Government that has allowed the Middle Men, the Lobbyists for Big Business, to control our destiny.  Since Lobbyists receive a minimum of $127 for every $1 invested in Government, no one listens to “We the People “.  Congress has forgotten that we elected them and we have the power to elect others or prevent bad policy by using the rule of law to our advantage.


In America, where we were known as the land of milk and honey, we have stopped caring about skilled people left behind by the Great Recession of 2008.  We are still not addressing the needs of our communities as Congress wastes our time and human capital by pursuing useless goals.  They can fix the ACA.  There are think tanks ready to negotiate drug pricing, effective insurance exchanges and better economics for us.  Congress has chosen to ignore the talent available through bipartisan representation, favoring destruction of the ACA. I say, no you won’t!  They haven’t!!!


Congress has also turned a blind eye toward city planning and our infrastructure requirements.  They’re not thinking roads and bridges.  What about telecommunications, the electric grid, cyber-hacking protection?  Enforcement of accountable responsible Institutions is no longer a priority.  We have to ask why.  Why is our identity and our livelihood so meaningless to those in power?


This is not the time for tax cuts.  This is a time for stimulus on a grand scale.  Americans need education; we need to acknowledge the level of poverty that exists and offer meals in schools.  We need to provide retraining to maintain a competitive edge as we embrace technology.  We should be breaking up monopolies in all areas except technology.  Technology can work to our advantage by paying us for our data.


This week’s Economist presents a clever scheme.  We pay a fee for service and based upon ads targeting us, we also collect a fee for allowing our data to be used. ” We the People ” are then repaid for our data.  It makes sense to me.  The economics would need to be worked out by understanding how much money Facebook, Google, and Twitter make from their advertisers. It’s a thought.


In addition, I would place all credit rating agencies under the Consumer Protection Agency’s control and enforcement of data security.  These agencies have run amok, selling our data to whomever requests it, without assuring that the data is correct and accurate.  Furthermore, the credit agency should have a fiduciary responsibility to us which is enforced, allowing us to sue them for inaccurate maintenance of our data and security breaches.  There is no excuse for our personal data being leaked to others.  We need enforcement of cyber security standards.


“We the People” outnumber the top 1% 360 million to 1.5 million.  We have the numbers and the smarts that have been suppressed for too long.  If we actually worked toward rebuilding our Society, we would have good paying jobs for many.  It makes me sad to see talent wasted.  Equal opportunity is not a phrase.  It has meaning and can become a way of life for many.  As a society we are failing Americans.  We do need a basic living wage.  We do need a workable ACA.  We should provide a decent public education for all.  We do need a major infrastructure program to mitigate against climate change.  We do need to protect critical infrastructure and data with cyber security.  When can we finally say some of our needs are being met?  It takes statesmen and women to commit to change that will create a pathway to the American pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  It takes all of us to help each other and change our Society into a caring thoughtful Society once again.


“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class” 

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