Joyce America Speaks Periscope Monday@11am “We the People” need a “Goldilocks” government to address our needs! 

It boggles my mind to read about the antics of our President and his administration.  Worse, the lack of priorities  from this GOP led Congress is appalling.  Where are the Statesmen?  Are bribes so pervasive that they can only focus on tax cuts for the wealthy rather than address the real problems confronting our nation?  As I said, it boggles  my mind?

Our concerns as a nation should be focused on restoring or relocating homesites.   Providing goods and services to those dislocated, along with planning for better education, improved city planning, interconnectivity and response to disasters and daily life.

  • Puerto Rico

  • The Virgin Islands

  • Texas

  • Florida

  •  Fires in the West

  • Alaskans

  • The maintenance of our National Parks


Instead, Congress and our President are thinking tax cuts for the wealthy will solve our problems.  It hasn’t worked for the last 30 years, why would it work now?  Worse, Congress intends to shrink Government and revenue at a time when we should be thinking massive stimulus programs, revenue to fund them and higher living wages for the poor and the middle class.

 What will small government mean for Americans who are in need of its goods and services?  It would mean no Medicare, no Medicaid and no Social Security.  In cases of natural disasters like Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida, there would be no Federal aid.  The states and territories would be left to their limited resources and debt.  What happened to the deployment of logistic specialists to remote areas?  I remember when the Army functioned smoothly during the First Gulf War.  What about using private companies, like UPS, Amazon or Goggle to survey devastated areas and pin point drop sites for relief?  Instead, we are faced with a Federal Government  and an administration that  is doing everything it can to minimize access to vital  services?

The Trump Administration has not administered federal aid equitably to Americans suffering from “acts of Nature”.  In devastated areas like Houston, citizens may have to adjust to 6 months of cleanup without a rebuilding plan.  Those with salvageable structures are prepared to restore in place, but they need direction and options.  Florida is still without power in many regions of their state.  Their communication problems are being addressed by Comcast on social media, but no where else.  The rest of the devastation  existing in Florida or Houston is buried from public view.  Where are the Government agencies, both local and Federal, tackling communication problems, schooling and city planning?  Who is protecting our electric grid or maintaining cyber security?

Our National Parks are facing a National Emergency.  Millions of Americans each year visit the Parks and have overwhelmed their ill-maintained resources.  The Parks Department, like other valuable institutions, have seen budget cutbacks over the years making maintenance nearly impossible with a staff deficit.  With so many underemployed, why not utilize Americans needing assistance to staff the Parks?  (Don’t take away their other benefits; supplement them and increase the worth of human capital).

 Under the Trump Administration, the massive cutbacks have increased in most departments.  Under Ryan Zinke at the Department of Interior, valuable scientific research on Alaska’s indigenous populations has been curtailed and scientists reassigned to desk jobs.  Why?  These scientists were tracking the loss of Native land to rising seas and were developing relocation programs for Alaskans losing their homes.  It should be noted that Zinke also took chartered jets paid for by US taxpayers to private functions.  Where is the outrage?!

There’s more.  Americans say they want quality education for their children.  They want improvement of infrastructure, planning for our future, and a quality healthcare system.  Do you really think any of those wishes for a better quality of life can be obtained without federal government spending?

The answer is no!  The only thing ordinary Americans get with tax cuts is a minor short term cash benefit that disappears.  Tax cuts to the wealthy will insure that America becomes more debt ridden, collects less revenue and passes on revenue to the upper classes only.  The inequality divide will increase with every tax cut allowed and voted upon.  Remember, as Einstein stated, ” we don’t fear evil people; we fear the good ones who stand by and do nothing!”

 We are 360 million Americans controlled by 1.5 million Americans.  We should not pass judgement on those like us.  Rather we should understand that some folks in Congress have the agenda, money and support of those who absolutely do not care if the poor and middle class  become less affluent and more debilitated by stress and opioid addiction.  The mid terms are next year.  Please do not press your levers automatically for those espousing bad policy.   Our lives can become more comfortable in the 21st Century if we go for fixes rather than short term rewards.   We have too many real decisions to make.  Kicking the can down the road for years to come should not be an option.

How many more examples do you need to realize the Trump administration is built on a foundation of  lies and contempt for the rule of law.  The best possible outcome for “we the People” would be  bipartisan working committees  addressing the governmental requirements of this century based upon the unique challenges that have occurred!


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