The Voice of Joyce: Back up slides for Posts on : Tax Cuts! The ACA & Puerto Rico Response time for aid; timelines!


Dear followers:

These are the statistics to back up some of your questions on the effects of the  Trump Tax Cuts !



I do hope you finds these slides helpful.  Say No to this Agenda.  We have solutions and long term planning, no time for delusional thinking!  There is no “trickle down Economics”!  Stay tuned for the latest  labor actions before the Supreme Court and the needs of “We the People”.

I’m also providing info on the latest sabotage of the ACA by the Administration, sign up early to receive benefits, the site will be dark most Sundays, except 12/10!  Advocate for information.

HC Sabotage periscope 10-2-17


Last, as this Administration looks at the devastation of Puerto Rico, we know response time for help was lagging.  Get the facts here.  Please refrain from Facebook and other Fake News!

comparison disaster relief


See you later, Wednesday am.  There’s much to chat about!

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