Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday. Gun Ownership, Human Capital and Democracy 

The  NRA is finally considering a minor control to prevent mass murder.   They will allow debate on the sale and use of the bump stock, a  $200 item that turns an assault weapon into an automatic killing machine.  I understand from my research, this is not the only way to convert an assault weapon into an automatic weapon.  If you’re a dedicated user of assault weapons, you can painstakingly mill a device to fit your weapon and it still looks like a semi automatic weapon.  Debate on this subject is not sufficient when 68% of Americans, as surveyed by PEW, support a total ban of assault style weapons.  In addition, 48% of gun owners support this ban as well.

 After the largest planned mass murder in the country’s history, it’s time to acknowledge and pass gun laws that “We the People” support by a large majority.   No one is eliminating “your” right to own a gun.  I know sportsmen and women who responsibly shoot animals for meat.

 Caring sportsmen and women also support background checks for the mentally ill, as well as support a temporary suspension of gun ownership when domestic abuse occurs.  Under these circumstances, 89% of Americans want background checks for gun ownership.  In addition, I believe we should include those on the terrorist watch list as well.   Background checks have been known to cut down ownership. Cutting down ownership will decrease murder.  Since we’re dealing with over 30, 000 killed by guns, one less homicide is a blessing.

These statistics come from The Big Read section of The Financial Times, this weekend, based on credible facts and  resources. When you look at these statistics, I can only say, a reduction in murder by guns, is a win-win for America.

  • Background checks currently curtail 10% of gun ownership.   

  • Kids 15-24 are 49 times more likely to be killed by a gun. 

  • 63.7% of all suicides are committed using a gun according to the CDC.

  • 51% of all Americans surveyed by PEW, support the control of gun ownership.  Don’t the dead have rights too? 

The results of our obsession with guns exceeds that of our obsession for opioids, another killer.  Approximately 60, 000 lives have been lost to opioid addiction.  When do we say, enough?  When do we start caring about the lives of all Americans?

 If we are successful in curtailing future gun  purchases,  perhaps our murder rate will fall from 30,000 a year to 15,000?   Anything we do should have a direct positive impact.  Eliminating the bump stock should be part of a larger package of congressional law.  The time to think about gun ownership is when mass murder occurs, not before the next one happens.  There are enough guns in circulation to arm every man, woman and child in America; yet  only 3% of all gun owners own 50% of all guns held privately!

 In answer to the question, what’s required for public security?   Any venue that is considered an international city should spend money on security for crowd protection.  The Mandalay Hotel should certainly have had metal detectors,  if their rooms  overlooked a fairground that held  22,000 people for a concert.  Perhaps every occupant in the hotel should have had to park their weapons with the local police.   We have a long list of possible targets:  large assemblies of Americans has become a target for “terrorists”  who wish to commit murder.  Protection of the public and providing them with the security to assemble peacefully is our right too!

If it means screening everyone within shooting or bombing range, prepare for it.  Block cars and truck access to groups assembled for a peaceful purpose.  Do not allow guns or other weapons of murder near that group.   The public’s safety should trump allowing mass murder to occur.

When we work together for the benefit of “We the People”, the toll on human beings is less costly.

With all the natural and man made disasters confronting America and Americans, “We the People” require an investment in our future.  Education, infrastructure and healthcare are the important items on our agenda, too!   Now is not the time to be thinking wealth transfer through the Federal Budget to Big Business and wealthy individuals.

Say no to bad policy and let’s agree to improve the health and well being of ” we  the People”.  Our distrust of each other, our loss of human values has led to our current situation.  It is time to invest in human capital,  not more corporate profits.  There is no trickle down to poor and middle class Americans.  That myth has been disproved.   A  healthy population creates a good economy.  Build our infrastructure for the 21st Century, educate us, provide quality healthcare, take gun ownership seriously,  and “We the People “, all 360 million of us, will flourish.

 See you Monday and we’ll chat.

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    I wrote this Post after the Las Vegas massacre. It’s unfortunately still relevant. Our kids deserve our support. In fact, I cannot envision anything more dreadful than losing a child for a parent. The time to act is before the next tragedy. Let’s march in support of all those who have lost their lives to gun violence in America. It’s time for Common Sense to over ride our obsession with guns.

    All the best. Joyce

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