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Dear followers, as I was thinking about today’s column, I was dismayed by the new assaults on our Freedoms and Democracy.  With so many Moderates leaving Congress, I have felt discouraged.  Thank goodness that Susan Collins and Diane Feinstein are both going to run again.  They represent our “better angels”.  It is tough to stand up for your principles and I’m delighted that they have the courage to do so.


In 2012 when I started my blog, I was convinced that what America needed more than ever was consensus built with  Congressional bipartisanship.  We also needed a “People’s President”, like Macron in France,  a Democratic President who would seek common ground.


Our nation is divided on so many levels. Politically, so often Republicans only see red and Democrats only see blue.  By that I mean the parties remain locked in their own ideological beliefs, with the extreme right or left causing polarization in Congress and ultimately, “We the People” get nowhere.


My solution: I see purple!  I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, though no ideologue, who strongly advocates for economic fairness, social justice and equality for all Americans, the middle class, the working poor, our Veterans, and the unemployed.  I don’t believe we should increase the deficit; I have concrete plans to create new revenue.  I also believe this country is sick and tired of the polarizing effect of getting nothing done due to the incessant infighting within our two party system.  Therefore, I want to create a coalition within our two parties, Democrats and Republicans who can join me to build this team and support my candidacy for the Presidency.  This has never been done before.  I believe its time has come!


I cannot espouse these positions on my own.  I’ve met some present day luminaries and though they respect my positions and in fact praise my innovative solutions, they’re concerned that I’m not well known in the political world, and certainly not a household word…yet.  I need you, my Fellow Citizens, to spread the word and join my campaign!    With your help, my Fellow Americans, we can be ready for a New New Deal.


As Congress concerns itself with Trump’s dangerous agenda, I shake my head in dismay and wonder WHY?  Why pursue an agenda that does not benefit “We the People”?  I promise that if you unite around my candidacy for the Presidency, I will reestablish your faith in government.  I will govern with a bipartisan coalition, and when we use mega data for the Public Good, all Americans will reap the benefits.  We can do this together.  Look at what is confronting us today; then tell me if you wish to stay this course, or be a disruptor for the Common Good?!


Why is the GOP bogged down in Trump’s  tax cuts, when the country needs to plan a massive infrastructure program to rebuild those areas destroyed by fires, drought, aging infrastructure and hurricanes?   We have no time to waste on issues of no importance to Americans.  Politics and party must take a back seat to the People’s needs.  Folks were elected to Congress to represent the People, right? Here are the issues confronting us:

  • Put people to work on rebuilding our national infrastructure responsibly.

  • Connect more regions via a national transportation program, including waterways.

  • Use mega data to shorten the planning time frame for rebuilding.

  • Use the new technology, Artificial Intelligence, for good works, and stop relying on old technologies.  Time is of the essence. We have too many lives in limbo and an economy that may not readily bounce back from so much destruction. The new technologies will help us plan and rebuild quicker.

  • Add workers to protect our private and public data bases.

  • Grow our economy and stop  burdening it with more debt.

  • Now is the time to reinvest in Human Capital to prevent security mega breaches.

  • When more than 50% of our country want a clear path to citizenship for immigrants, why are we torturing individuals in limbo?   Laws are written.  Pass them and let’s move on with our lives.

  • When more than 50% of the Country would ban assault rifles, reinstate the Law. Then we don’t have to think about their modifications into automatic weapons.  More than 50% of the country are also in favor of background checks, licensing, educational training certificates and registration of guns at a nominal fee. They prefer denying the use of a weapon to those mentally unstable and on the terrorist watch list, too!  Write the laws and let’s see if gun violence decreases

  • When more than 50% of the country wants to decriminalize minor drug offenses, think drug treatment, not prisons.

  • Strengthen our ACA, do not weaken it by derailing the CSR’s (subsidies), defunding Medicaid, cancelling the ACA’s registration periods, funding for the navigator and advertising.  Leaving low income Americans with no health care dollars for co-pays or to help pay premiums is currently what the Trump Administration is doing, primarily to his base.  It will become even more cost prohibitive when premiums rise in 2018.

  • Change the criminal justice system’s laws on bail as well as minor drug offenses in cities across this country where data has proven an alarming number of African American and Latino men are systematically incarcerated with no bail before trial.

  • Stop catering to a minority at the expense of the majority.  All women are entitled to birth control.

  • This is not the 18th century.  It has certainly been proven that men who refuse to act respectfully toward women have not faced the consequences of their actions.  They should no longer be shielded by a cloak of silence. Women have rights and finally they are speaking up!

  • We can’t allow our systems to be corrupted by foreign powers or algorithms.  It is time to acknowledge our software and in house staffing deficiencies and bring oversight to Artificial Intelligence.  Each institution requires an enforcement regulator to ensure that the People’s data and our Democracy are safe from malevolent manipulators.

 Now is not the time to present go-nowhere schemes, when we have so much work that must be accomplished for all Americans.  Now is also the time to support a People’s Presidential Candidate.  We have much to do before 2020.

See you Monday and we’ll chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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