Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Want to be rid of Trump? Let me count the ways!

Want to get rid of Trump and those who enable him?  It is easy.  Stop playing their game.  What do I mean? Trump likes chaos.  He is unstoppable when it comes to dispensing executive orders, travel bans or inciting class warfare.  Therefore, “We the People” must be relentless as well.  Each of you must continue to write and ask your Congressmen and Senators to work tirelessly on the following issues:

1. Freedom  from gerrymandering. We want an independent citizen committee to draw sensible political districts reflecting the population of each state.

2. We want to maintain the integrity of the ballot and voting machines.  We want them all certified and made “hacker proof” by an independent election commission.  An institution like the Brennan Law Center and anyone they designate would be acceptable.

3. We want an improved ACA, quality insurance at reasonable pricing.  Overturn the egregious bills made with Pharmaceutical companies and distributors.  Create a bill that allows Medicare to negotiate fair drug pricing for all consumers.

HC periscope 10-18-17

4. We want a National Infrastructure program designating critical systems.  Social Media just came under Critical Infrastructure, since it handles all of our data, so is Equifax!

5. On education, we want free and/or lower cost education with a guarantee of literacy and greater job opportunities.  This includes elementary, middle, and high school, as well as college and university education.


See you later and we’ll chat.  Advocate for change.  Silence is agreement!


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