JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Monday: I’m appalled! What about you? 8% illiteracy and more Invest in yourself!

I’m  appalled.  So many issues that effect us are being identified.  Yet, I just read that 8% of the American population is illiterate!  That is so disturbing; almost 30 million fellow Americans are unable to read or write.  How can they understand the issues confronting us?  How can they vote with certainty, knowing that they’re fully participating in our Democracy?  Our society should be ashamed of these statistics.  Not only do we have to safeguard our election mechanisms, it now appears that educating the public has become a major priority.

How is it possible that almost 30 million folks are uneducated in today’s America?   It is no shame to come out of the shadows to seek education.  It is brave and commendable to come forward to admit your lack of proper training.   I do hope the communities involved are ready to  mentor and educate these folks.  They make me proud to be an American.

I do hope We the People will hear about their progress in the local media.  Coming forward takes courage.  Where else have we failed  our Fellow Americans.  Let me count the ways:

  • By allowing algorithms to define our future, we are denying basic human rights.

  • Corporations are no longer choosing us for who we are, algorithms hunt for key words instead, limited by the developers biases.

  • Algorithms are choosing what ads we see,  based upon our previous shopping history,

  • They are intensifying our political experience by catering to the emotional side of our humanity.  Most of us do not hate 100% of the time.  Like a site once or leave a comment and you are now a target for relentless marketing based on your choices.

  • Perhaps you’d like a change; it’s not possible in the limited world of algorithms.

Should Social Media be regulated?  I think so.  At one time, prior to the 2016 election, 30,000 employees were assigned to scrutinize data for accuracy and hate bias.  When money becomes the only criteria of an algorithm, ethics and moral values are no longer important.

This divisive state is not natural to Americans.  Look around you, rarely is your neighbor your enemy.  Our societal values have been eroded by the uncontrolled use of algorithms.

When we are all appalled by the treatment of our fellow citizens, we will move from passivity to activism.  Remember, we are our brother’s keeper.  Harm to one of us is harm to all of us.  Let’s stand together to raise up the middle class. Speak up for your rights and our plight will lessen.  The link below from Ralph Nader’s NY Times Editorial encapsulates what I believe.  We need a Government that stands for consumer protections, independent of whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or an Independent.  As a group we are powerful when united around a”common cause”!

 Here’s a story from The New York Times that I thought you’d find interesting:

Trump’s rush to dismantle regulations and the agencies that enforce them will damage the economy — and regular Americans he promised to protect.

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We can have better jobs.
We can have a better education .
We can obtain better healthcare at lower cost.
And finally, we can make good paying infrastructure jobs a reality as we build the America we know works for Americans using big data to mitigate climate events.

 Together we can reclaim the innovative America we had.   We can’t do it alone.  Together, we can demand that Big Business invests in workers for the long run.  We’ve cared about people before, why should we accept “this Gig Economy”, that cares only for the top 1% and their shareholders, when convenient.  Corruption costs.  Americans don’t have to accept what’s become the new paradigm, not when so many like me, remember the “good times”, when People and employees were valued.

See you tomorrow at 11am and we’ll chat.  We can do better together!

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