JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Wednesday: Whose Paradise? An epiphany!

Paradise for whom?  “We the People” have the right to own guns to massacre each other; we have the right to be discriminated upon, not in the usual sense, but by algorithms that determine what house we buy, car we purchase, and loan interest paid.  Now we know the cause of our inequality: tax havens for the rich, perfectly legal if reported, that deprive Americans of the tax revenue we need  for education, healthcare and infrastructure.  The very rich have taken away our clean air and water, our jobs, our wages, so they can play in the white pink Bermuda sands!

 I’ve been rethinking  Monday’s discussion of gun laws.  There are a few comments I wish to make about assault rifles. There was a ban on assault rifles in 1994 as part of the Federal Ban on assault rifles to prevent violent crime. The law expired in 2004. It can easily be reinstated with no sunset clause and/or consider the recommendations of Nik Kristof of The New York Times.

The link from The New York Times that I thought you’d find interesting is “highlighted under SeeMore”

“It has happened yet again.  Inevitably, predictably, fatefully, a gunman shot dead 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday. ” The NY Times was prepared for another incident to occur, read the requests of a majority of Americans who wish to save lives.  Read Nik Kristof’s commentary on the link below:

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There are many men like Devin Kelly, 26 yrs old, abusive and violent who commit mass murder.  There is one common denominator, all the shooters have been men.  Why won’t congress act?  It’s time to save lives and make “good policy”.


Next we discussed algorithms  Once again I’ll provide a definition: They are ill conceived mathematical models now micromanaging the economy, from the ads we see to the prisons that incarcerate too many for non violent crimes.  Our lives and livelihood are controlled by mathematicians and physicists who have their own set of biases.  Algorithms are not fair.  They are purposely obscure, residing in tightly guarded proprietary black boxes.  They are designed to make the rich richer and the middle and lower classes poorer.  Only transparency and regulation will make our lives livable.

Where is the investment in human capital?    There has to be a revaluing of our system and “We the people”.  We are not tools to be used and discarded.  We are feeling flesh and blood mortals just like the rich and powerful who are attempting to control us.


I believe the 2016 election was engineered.  Now that the Paradise Papers have revealed Yuri Milner’s 8% stake in Facebook and Twitter, financed by the Russian Government, it seems too easy for them to have used “our” social media platforms to target hate groups and cause chaos among Americans.  They aided and abetted Trump by demonizing Hillary and the “others” in our Society.    I’ve reprinted the ads on Twitter as reported by the Financial Times.


Trump and his administration are in their own separate world.  Even if they committed Treason, they probably wouldn’t know it.  To them, business with the Russians and Putin’s family was just business.  If their policy impacts their bottom line directly, that’s how it should be (they think).  They have no allegiance to Country or Countrymen; they are a tribe without boundaries.  But the Rule of Law applies to every American, regardless of status or position.  Now with the Mueller Investigation at full throttle, we are seeing the wheels of justice turn with the first three indictments of members of the Trump Administration on Monday and certainly more to come in the near future.

As Americans, each of you has a choice.

  • Go to the polls and change our laws and vote for people with the ethics and policies that reflect fairness, equality and justice for all Americans, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

  • Plug the loopholes in the tax laws; don’t lower taxes.

  • Reinstate the assault weapons ban with no sunset clause.

  • Require regulatory oversight of all institutions using Algorithms.

  • If Americans are harmed by unfair advantage, discrimination or loss of work, reinstate our right to sue.


For more facts on the Paradise Papers, watch Vice News on HBO or Utube.    I only provide the facts.  All social media platforms should be equally responsible.  They had the manpower to make ethical decisions.  They fired those people. It’s now time to make better policy decisions.


See you tomorrow at 11am and we’ll chat.

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