Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday: Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure & Late Stage Capitalism 

How does Tax Reform help you?  I’m told by many the issues that concern you are education, healthcare and infrastructure programs promoting higher wages and good paying jobs.  Let’s look at Education in this bill.  If you’re spending $50,000 a year to send your child to Pre-K, there’s a tax cut for you.  If you’ve taken out a student loan, it’s no longer deductible.  Too bad nothing exists for public schools.  In fact, as private colleges shelter endowment money off shore in fossil fuel funds, middle and lower classes will continue to pay for facilities and programs they neither need nor support.


What about Healthcare?  The period for enrollment in the ACA has been shortened.  Even so, enrollment has doubled.

What about the mandate?  If it is eliminated it will increase premiums for the sickest among us without cutting much revenue over many yrs.  In the end, ordinary Americans will pay more for being ill as well as for brand name prescriptions.


The same is true for Infrastructure spending.  There are no regulations for building in Houston.  The poorest population is rooted in place because they have no flood insurance to buy them out,  while the afflicted wealthier population is awaiting buyouts to move to higher ground.  For every $1 spent on prevention of devastation of property,  $4 is saved. Let’s plan for a safer Houston, it’s our National tax dollars that will rebuild their city.    In my opinion, they escaped a more toxic bullet from the oil and refinery plants.


Our next Infrastructure program is also being influenced by big business as they battle to replace America’s water supply with plastic.  That is what caused Flint’s water problem.  The old pipes couldn’t contain the crumbling lead from leaking.  Business funded ventures don’t work for America.

We need a system approach to infrastructure using the EPA and Army Corp of Engineer’s Scientists plus big data amassed from city planners to build the cities of our future.  We can no longer rely on Late Stage Capitalism to maintain our lives when their only interest is short term monetary gains for a few.  I wanted to know what happened to Houston, so far nothing.  The poor are stuck and the $50 Million they received is a pittance for an area the size of 5 cities.


The circus continues as “We the People” try to move the pendulum back to the days of value and the Late Stage Capitalist push for their monetary gains.  This time is different, these Capitalists can not be allowed to win.  The future of our children and their children depend upon us acting responsibly for the well being of the many.


We have much to talk about on Monday.

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