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I’m saddened, angry and want to join with all the young people in their 40’s and 50’s who are qualified for high paying jobs and unable to find them.  I know people in this category are not counted by our employment criteria.  They deserve good paying jobs in the $100,000 range that constitutes a middle class salary, according to Gary Cohn. Industry insists they need labor, where are they looking?  Who or what are they using for their searches?


I don’t wish to remain calm and cite what’s wrong endlessly when referring to this Administration’s latest “Tax Reform”.  Even the Economist agrees that this Tax Reform is a huge giveaway to the rich.   


 “Capital knows no borders”; it’s more than a book by Brooke Harrington.  To quote the comments, “this book reveals how wealth managers use off shore banks, shell companies and trusts to shield billions in private wealth not only from taxation but from all manner of legal obligations.  And it shows how practitioners justify their work, despite evidence that it erodes government authority and contributes to global inequality. “


Why then should those able to hire wealth managers be allowed to escape taxes when the Middle Class has no wealth to take advantage of loopholes?  Wake up America.  These huge giveaways total our National Debt.  Think about the programs we could pursue if everyone paid their fair share.  $20 trillion could fund every idea Americans could imagine, from education to infrastructure to healthcare to space!  Imagine a future with clean air and water and energy! It can be ours, all of ours, if we were all patriotic and paid our taxes.  Taxation is not only a responsibility and privilege of the middle class.


I long for” old fashion ” American values and ways of doing business.  We didn’t revere debt.  In fact, if you were a small business, you knew your debt burden could not exceed 30% of total gross receipts.  Social Capitalism, we called it.  Everyone paid their taxes and valued their employees too!  In the 1970’s, no one had to be told to provide healthcare or schedule overtime to employees.  Employees were well paid and produced a quality product.


We don’t have to accept taxation without representation.  We don’t have to accept poor education, no planning for Infrastructure, no treatment for opioid addiction, and no limits on gun ownership.  Prayers and mourning don’t satisfy the living.  Save lives and let your Representatives in Congress know you’re not duped and don’t believe in “trickle down  economics”.  It didn’t work before; why would it work now?


Real GDP growth comes from the bottom up.  If corporations contributed to employee welfare and well being, production would increase. If corporations invested in R&D instead of stock buybacks, America and Americans would reap the benefits.  It would be cost effective according to economists. Instead we have a “gig” Economy that benefits a few, paying low wages to employees and taking on debt.  For corporations to survive in this environment they consolidate, form monopolies and stagnate.


Who feels the outrage I feel?  If you do, don’t sit quietly.  Be involved.  Form social action groups to placing civic issues on the ballot.  Run for political office.  The country needs Patriots, not crony capitalists.


We have much to discuss dear followers. See you Wednesday and we’ll chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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