The Voice of Joyce: Power to the People. We want a Renaissance.

Beleaguered Billionaires

How is wealth management and its consequences similar to state sanctioned terrorism?  To quote from “Capital Without Borders”, “by concentrating assets and socioeconomic status of an Elite group that seeks autonomy from government institutions, these institutions which comprise state bureaucracies and transnational bodies, like the OECD, expands their theater of battle to the Global community!”

We’ve seen the carrion call for the benefit of this wealthy elite group.  They want small government and no intervention in our affairs.  That’s their code word for themselves.  Benefits of government go directly to this elite group and nothing is left over for “We the People”.  Since they created many of the laws of our land, these laws are skewed to benefit them. “We the People” are left to fend for ourselves without the implicit contract that assures us Quality of Life, unlike the elite class, where their rights are codified into law and their wealth gives them freedom of choice.

Thus Americans are divided by the content we see, the news we hear, and the tribalism that divides us.  There is no more sense of community for us.  With a sense of community, we would be free to express ourselves in the Public Square.  We could compare life’s travails , hardships and joys.

For the Elites, who have no boundaries, setting them up for us is sport.  We the People are tribal, we are divided , yet the 1% has “Capital that has no Borders”.  There is no tribalism for them.  The 1% and their enablers have a common message.  They see no divisions except us.  “We the People” are a threat to the 1%.  When we realize we have the power to ignore their message and think independently, “We the People”, will create our new/old Society.

Now we are free to be imprisoned, go bankrupt, lose everything, have poor education, healthcare, and low paying jobs. Through the rule of law and our elections, we have assured the continuation of this elite group and the extinction of the middle class.  No one is chopping our heads off yet.  However, look around you, our infrastructure is crumbling, many are being killed slowly by opioid addiction, gun violence, poor paying jobs, and lack of quality/low cost healthcare and housing.  How did this occur?  We helped.  We bought into the trickle down economic messaging of the last 30+ years (with the exception of the Obama years who spent his time successfully bringing us out of the greatest financial depression since the the 1930’s) and we walked with the 1%, hoping some of their wealth and expertise would rub off on us.  It never happened.  What was theirs, was theirs.  We merely facilitated the country’s wealth transfer to them.  They showed us the way and we acquiesced.  We don’t have to follow anymore, now that their real plans have been unveiled.

The elite have engineered their lifestyle, while ours is mired down by pettiness and our inability to see the truth.  Our future has been stolen by a select group of Robber Barons and their enablers.  Do not go blindly into any election.  Don’t listen to the rhetoric; seek change that helps all Americans achieve upward mobility.  True equality is the death knell to this ruling class.  Don’t wait 300 yrs to hear Freedom ring!  Otherwise, for whom the bells tolls will surly mark our end.

Some have said the Feudal Era never ended. We do know the Renaissance occurred.  We also know that for a brief period of time from WW II to the mid 1970’s, according to Robert Reich, the middle class saw a 2nd Renaissance in America.  I grew up during that time.  I remember the sense of upward mobility we experienced and it was proven statistically.  The middle class comprised almost 70% of the populace.  The 1% was then 14%.  The poor equaled 19%.  “C” Corporations were the norm.  Now “S” Corporations allow for wealth transfer to the 1%.  Policy can be changed to a more equitable society.  How?  “We the people” should recognize what’s happening and take back our power.

If it means one Union for all Labor, consider it!  If it means banning money in politics, investigate and institute this policy.  Two years of campaigning, costing upwards of $5 billion, is absurd since the money goes to the already wealthy, not us.

Only when we consider ideas that are not business as usual, can we truly exert the power of “We the People”.  Commit to yourself and let’s create a more equal Society.

See you on Monday and we’ll chat.

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