Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Congressmen & Women, Big Business, and the 1% are reaping the benefits of our largesse. Don’t you want a Christmas present, too? Read on, I’ve got the Solutions.




Over time, I’ve joined the ranks of independent journalists, doing what I love, educating the public, on topics that effect the well being and the pursuit of happiness of “We the People”.  As you continue reading my columns, dear followers, it is my hope that you will become as outraged as I am.  After all, it’s our money, yours and mine, that Congress and various Institutions are stealing.  

The Tax Reform Act Of 2017 is being rushed through the reconciliation process.  Noted economists and foreign analysts have stated this bill is a gift to corporations by the Congress on our behalf.  Did you want to give Multinational Corporations a 14% tax cut for Christmas, with no guarantee you will get a gift in return? I didn’t think so!  I’d rather give what little money I have left to friends and family this Christmas, not huge multinationals or the 1%.  They are already evading taxes equivalent to the National Debt.  

No way do I want to hurt my neighbors while lavishing gifts on jet setters and Big Corporations.  I’d rather see who gets my hard earned money.   If I give my neighbors a gift, I might get a dinner in exchange.  Works for me! What about you?


Before I launch into what else has me outraged, let me propose a Solution.  I propose advocating a  Government shutdown instead of an automatic vote to raise the debt ceiling.  Why not?  Democratic Congressmen & women and all decent patriotic Statesmen & women, have the right to take extreme actions in defense of Democracy.  Our Democracy is in Peril now.  “We the People” in the majority are against the “Wealth Transfer Bill” and  other proposals and we’ve been ignored.   A huge wealth transfer is about to take place, making “we the People” less well off.  Why not shiutdow government, unless the following demands are met?


In defense of Democracy, I would ask all Democratic Congressmen & all decent Statesmen & women, to agree to Shutdown the Government , keeping the debt ceiling hostage ,  unless the following goals are met!

  1. Shelve the Tax Reform Act/Wealth Transfer Bill to be signed this week in  favor of a bipartisan commission tasked with creating a Federal Budget reflecting the needs and wants of 360 million of us.  No more gifts to the undeserving.
  2. Reinstate Net Neutrality.
  3. Codify the DACA path to citizenship
  4. Fund CHIP
  5. Seat Doug Jones this week.



  •  We have the power, #Fight4Rights!


Now that I’ve stated my position, I can talk about another issue that irks me: the cost of generic medication.  I take a generic anti hypertension medication . I never looked closely at its cost, since I’ve been paying almost nothing for the drug for years, anywhere from $2-16.00 every 6 months.  The medication should be dirt cheap.  It’s one of the first drugs, and the oldest one, used in medical testing for effectiveness in lowering blood pressure.  Imagine my surprise when I looked carefully at the package and found  that United Healthcare is paying $341.00 for this generic medication? Why is the price so high to the insurance Company?  Looks like all drug pricing should be scrutinized and renegotiated.   If Ramipril is expensive, I can’t imagine what other drugs, more complicated must cost.  Someone should be renegotiating drug pricing.  What happened to the promise of Quality low cost insurance and drugs? Once again, “We the People” are paying too much money to fill the Corporate Purse.  An article by Pro Publica in conjunction with the NY Times, gives us a tool to use to lower drug costs.  “Good RX”.


Here’s the story from The New York Times that I thought you’d find interesting:

Some consumers are finding they can get a better deal on prescription drugs by leaving their insurance cards at home.

Read More…



Next, we can fume over the FCC’s non compliance with a majority of our countrymen, including 19 AG’s who requested that the FCC delay ruling against Net Neutrality.  I’m adding three articles from a renowned technical publication citing the ruling, and Eric Schneiderman’s request for documentation on 2,000,000 fraudulent comments, recognized by the FCC as testimony to the People’s objection to Net Neutrality.  Did you know that the FCC prefers the comments of identity theft persons to the comments of 83% of this country’s People?  They are also deferring to Congressional legislation, knowing that Congress received $100 Million from lobbyists on behalf of SERVICE PROVIDERS. 


The public will pay for this repeal.  The Commissioner stated, “no one has been hurt yet.”  That is true.  He did not overturn the law until Thursday afternoon, disregarding our very public outcry for Net Neutrality and disregarding the demands of 19 State Attorneys General!  This is the third time this week that I’ve been outraged over the chutzpah of Congress and their buddies, Big Corporations, as they continue to take money from us without even saying “Thank you” for the privilege! 

The FCC was not always narrow-minded and anti-creativity.  Fifty years ago, the FCC  ruled against AT&T and allowed a little known company (Carter phone) to compete against AT&T and history was made. ( This ruling led to the Net Neutrality that we cherish today!)

Whether we like what we see about technology or not, this is something that affects all of us.  A great example would be the ruling that overturned the law preventing a single company from owning newspapers, radio stations, and tv stations in the same market. (I don’t know, maybe for reasons of preserving democracy?)

During the 2nd Gulf War, Ted Koppel broadcast the names of the war dead every night at the end of his show. In protest, the conservative Sinclair Media company, who owned media markets throughout the country, forbade their ABC affiliates from broadcasting Nightline at all.  Instead, they showed documentaries about Reagan, and a movie at the heart of the Swift Boat movement to discredit Kerry.

Deprived of any context, most viewers simply accepted this political interference as news documentaries. To heck with “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people!” The internet is supposed to level the playing field, but, alas, is part of the wholesale dismantling of our regulatory framework in pursuit of increased profit.

This first article is about the  FCC decision, what the implications are, and how it was a primary objective for this administration.

And finally, yet another perversion of our democracy by unknown actors in the public comment period that preceded the vote:

When do “We the People” get a voice?  One way is through lawsuits and they’re coming.  Another is to hear it from me, The Voice of Joyce, and demand your rights or at the very least,  the ability to bargain for the money spent on your behalf.  We don’t need money to enforce our wants, we have the power of the ballot box.  We also have the power to demand a government shutdown,  if our demands are not met. Talk to your Congressional delegations, the debt ceiling vote is scheduled this week, too! 


The fourth item that bothered me this week is” Gerrymandering”.  You know the case, too complicated for Chief Justice Roberts, so he  postponed review for 6 months.  The question, did the the State of Wisconsin ,  engineer through the use of algorithms their  political districts, completely hiding the Democratic votes?    It turns out, Michigan had the same problem in the 2016 election and the people of Michigan are rebelling, just like California did in 2008.  They’re placing a ballot initiative on the 2018 ballot, calling for an amendment to the State Constitution, allowing a group of non-partisan citizens to draw the next political maps.

Here is a link to an article that explains the referendum on”: Gerrymandering” in Michigan, which I am sure will be on the ballot in November, 2018: .

If you want to read more about this, you can go to the organization that spearheaded this effort, Voters Not Politicians.  You can find their website at:

Pretty amazing , by following procedures, the citizens of Michigan are taking matters into their own hands. They’re actively giving themselves the power to determine their own destiny. Their ballot initiative is added for your review and copying!  Americans have a voice, we have to choose to exercise it or like everything else in our bodies, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”!  I don’t intend to lose mine. What about you? Learn, question and act! That’s what I say!

Democracy is work.  Let’s reap our justly deserved rewards. No way do I want to continue giving my money to ungrateful Congressmen and Women, their cronies in Multinationals, and their lobbyists.

See you Monday, dear followers, and we’ll chat.


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