Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Want a Christmas present? Tell the Democrats in Congress to shut down government, if the following demands aren’t met! Read on…



Sometimes you have to use leverage and fight for what’s right. There is nothing more important than saving Democracy and the rule of Law. This is step one and my 2 cents!


  •  The debt ceiling is being voted on 12/22.   Democrats should refuse to raise the debt ceiling , if the following Congressional Legislation doesn’t happen:
  • Do not permit the wealth transfer Bill  to be signed into Law and tell the American People the truth about 10 Trillion Dollars in future Debt and the consequences of that debt to our Social Safety Net.    Propose a bipartisan committee to develop a budget that helps resurrect the Middle Class. ” We the People” want to be able to watch the debates  and contribute to the process that affect our lives.
  • Reinstate Net Neutrality
  • Codify the DACA kids status in America.  No more fear and a path to citizenship
  • Codify the CHIP program and make sure the kids are funded.
  • Seat Doug Jones now,  the process is arbitrary.



The American People deserve to have a Merry Christmas, it’s un-American to give presents to one sector of the Economy and a pittance and a debt burden  to the rest of us.


When Democracy and the rule of Law are in peril, every action, no matter how extreme, is appropriate.


12/18/17 should be recognized as the day all decent people stood up for Democracy and said no to the wealthy donor Class !


We the People are united in our vision of what’s good for America. We have tolerated an Oligarchy for 30 yrs. No more!


Let’s negotiate for our Christmas presents early together!

See you Monday and we’ll chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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