JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am today: Power & Women. Happy 2018. Now that we “Woke”, time to continue organizing & move forward together!

What have I learned about America since I started Blogging on May 26 th 2012 and was willing to make a contract with America & Americans?


 During the years following the Financial crisis, I needed to understand what brought us to Financial collapse and with it our decay of values. America , I thought was held to together by an invisible ideological glue. We were not a Nation made up of a diverse population , rather we were an integrated mosaic , one nation indivisible.


It is my goal to restore that pride of place we had and the trust we felt among ourselves. We are a Nation divided purposely to support the accumulation of money by the Corporations and their enablers and beneficiaries of their wealth, corrupted Politicians.  According to Robert Reich, enough Lobbying money was spread around Congress to assure that every Congress person could receive $5.6 Million !  That’s why we have Government by the Corporation for the Corporation.


There’s hope, since The Social Media and the news that divides us is “manned” by young people. We have to rely on that same community to help us to overcome our prejudices. Let’s not forget, for a second, how we got to 2016. The hard journey for all of us not in power, has awoken us!   When the  Financial Times , states that the single most important word of 2016, is “woke”. I’m a believer. We all understand what’s happening to our Society. We all know that our Social Safety Nets are fragile unless we defend them. We know that our Institutions cannot withstand autocracy, they are being disbanded as promised.   AS a Nation , we the People will fall behind in knowledge and be less capable to deal with the real catastrophes confronting us.


2018 is a pivotal moment in America’s history. We can give up our rights to a concentrated Oligarchy or we can decide to unite all the lower, Middle and a few good people in the wealthy classes to combat this Oligarchy. Make no mistake, Inequality will not die with my generation,  as many believe. It will persist as the progeny of the ruling class assume the mantles Of wealth and Power left by their Grandparents-and parents. That’s why there is a sense of urgency in my appeal to your Better Angels. Don’t wait patiently or not for the decades to pass hoping for a brighter future. It’s not happening without our perserverence and hard work to save Democracy.


  •  The only way to combat tyranny in a Democracy is to recognize that Democracy , like a hot house flower, needs our protection.    We need a voice and we need choices at the ballot box to preserve the Rule of Law.  
  • We no longer have checks and balances in Government.  Our personal votes no longer count.



Even if your State is a blue State, many of us are stuck with repressive politicians controlling the purse strings of our Cities. All politicians not representing our wants and needs for a just and equal society should be replaced. We have the power to vote . We have the Power to overturn Gerrymandering at the ballot box as a ballot initiative. California is the model for Michigan ‘s ballot initiative which I’ve published.



There’s more: as concerned citizens we should be organizing on the grass roots level to confront all Representatives to public office. Not only do we want them to pledge to make our needs Law & Repeal Laws that impede our progress . We want their pledge in writing with a 10% net worth clawback condition. Power responds to power. We are not supplicants , we are equals asking for equal opportunity and an equal share of the Economic pie.


Since 2012, our problems and solutions remain unchanged.


  • We want reasonable affordable Healthcare. This appears to be happening under Trump as 75 Million Americans apply for Medicaid. Soon every State, not just the 30 enrolled, should apply for Expanded Medicaid bringing us one step closer to National Healthcare.


  • 2nd we want good Public education for all. Chicago has a model to be copied. There may be others . Their kids appear to start off disadvantaged and catch up. Young people, understanding Algorithms can provide the metrics.


  • Next we need pay equity. Women are not objects. We are Mother’s , wives, Professional co workers. We have been disrespected for generations. There is a way to overcome sexual harassment, that’s equal pay and zero tolerance in the workforce. How would you enforce respect for women; one way would be public shaming within the organization and “punishment”commensurate with the offense. Disrespect of another person shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone in Power, male or female.  Cultures can change, if management is serious.  I know, I witnessed and was responsible for culture change in 3 MultiNational Corporations.


  • . When 83% of the populace is against the repeal of Net Neutrality and the FCC chairman repeals it anyway. There’s something wrong with this Administration and their donor base.
  • Nor should we remain silent on tax reforms that may benefit the lower and middle Classes in the $100’s while the 1% are given Trillions. It’s our money after all.


  • Why not elect to spend it on ourselves, too! We the People are spending Trillions on Corporate Subsidies. I call that Corporate Welfare and Entitlements.


  • Infrastructure , is a must have on our Agenda. throughout our Nation , Infrastructure should be designated as critical and non critical. We don’t want private contractors controlling critical infrastructure: air traffic , subways & trains, water and energy supply , our internet., and Social Media. I also believe that those who benefit the most from infrastructure programs should pay into a maintenance fund.


  • In NYC , real estate developers have reaped billions from the positioning of subway lines. They should be sponsoring & supporting major bonds to fund NYC’s public Infrastructure. The same should be done in Houston’s rebuilding. The developers and the Chemical factories & refineries have destroyed the flood plains and People’s lives. Now it’s time to use metadata to redesign the city, all cities.


I can give people ideas. I can lead. My limits come with implementation, that’s where you dear followers and potential followers come in. You have the hard part. I can bring people together and together we must work hard and preserve our Democracy. We have not achieved equality yet. However, Thank God, “ we the People” Woke! The next step is action.


We don’t negotiate. We stand up for what is right and we persuade elected officials to stand with us. Words alone and assurances won’t work, we’re not niave.  We want a written pledge of support!


I need you and you need me too! I have the luxury and time to think. Or rather, I’ve made it my passion to think about America & Americans .  “Like you”, I need a full time job with pay to survive . I want the money and respect due a States-person and trendsetter. I know my plans coincide with yours, I’ve seen my entire home & closets reproduced. Someone is making money off their sale. I was told years ago what would be enough for me. However, let’s decide together .


By the first week in January we should be planning for progress on the political and economic fronts in 2018. By 2020, I want to be elected the first People’s President, I can’t do that without the help of everyone 18-60 yrs old. This revolution is for you.


Support me. Support the Voice of Joyce thru America Speaks.US .  We’ll form a “C” Corporation and I’ll support you . This is not the end of my ideas. Together, if you provide a team and the funds we can make America the land of equal opportunity similar to what I experienced when I was growing up. Thank you reading.


See you at 11 am and we’ll chat.


“ The heart and pulse of the “Middle Class ““




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