The Voice of Joyce:#EveryVoteCounts ‘Democracy “ for 2018. Happy New Year message

I was wrong.  I, like many of you, thought my vote didn’t count.  I threw away my vote.  Now that Donald Trump has been elected with the backing of 80% of the GOP and has succeeded in passing egregious laws against the citizens of these United States, I’m angry at myself for not doing more to stop the Trump Agenda and preserve democracy and equality.

I know Indivisible is working to help citizens of gerrymandered states to organize and create ballot initiatives. I know Indivisible is working to identify Republicans who voted for the Tax Bill and against the ACA in order to target those Congressional representatives for replacement., another democratic activist group, is surveying citizens to determine what issues are important to them and  joining the fight for Democracy.

Who else will join #EveryVoteCounts and either run for office, support decent citizen candidates and pledge to unseat every Congressman or woman who supports the Trump agenda or Steve Bannon’s agenda of the ultra right?

A one sided movement can’t succeed.  We need the youth, evangelicals, Christians, Muslims, African Americans and Jews to unite under one banner to defeat this fledgling fascist state.  Those in the Trump Administration are still testing their own power.

We can’t wait for more egregious laws to be passed by them or their corporate benefactors for the benefit of the 1%.  We will continue to suffer economically, socially and medically, if we don’t mobilize to help every citizen vote.

What happened in Alabama is not a once and done event.  In NY, one of the bluest states, our state legislature is controlled by a GOP minority that unfairly controls the City’s budget.  On the Federal level 4 GOP congressmen voted in favor of the Tax Bill. They should be targeted for replacement as soon as possible.  These 4 GOP Representatives do not represent the will of the People of NY State.

Voting and running for office is the responsibility of a vigilant populace.  Democracy requires constant vigilance or it can be weakened and become unresponsive to the needs of “We the People”.

#EveryVoteCounts is a fact.  Let’s help our fellow Americans achieve equality by uniting to save Democracy. This is priority #1 for 2018.


Happy New Year.

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