Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Kudos to African American Women & Millennials! They’ve mobilized to vote.




Assume Trump remains in office and the GOP Congress remains in power.  Do you think your life will be better or worse off?  If you think your life will be worse off, then as a patriotic citizen of these United States, you should become involved in politics and in some way help every decent individual who runs for office on the local, state or federal level.  If that means the majority of the GOP is voted out of office, then so be it, in my opinion. anyone who voted yes on Trump’s corporate self-serving agenda is not a representative of  “We the People”. 

If we wish to change Corporate & Government culture so that they are responsive to the needs of “We the People”, then we must vote to elect replacements for the GOP Congressmen & women voting for the Tax Cuts, voting for the repeal of the ACA, voting to repeal Net Neutrality, and allowing the Federal Government to be hollowed out and ineffective in the pursuit of citizen safety.


Kudos to the young people, those born after 1980 for becoming involved in elections.  In Alabama, 98% of African American women came out to vote for Doug Jones, a Democrat.  In Virginia, young millennials were also responsible for voting for a Democratic Governor. It should be noted, millennials are 43% minorities and they are replacing the baby boomer vote.


  • Those 65 and older are no longer the largest voting block, though citizens 45-65 yrs old still vote.


Predicting the outcome of political races is not my intent.  My intent is to raise the awareness of you dear followers and give you information that may help your state overcome various government obstacles. Gerrymandering is creating havoc with “one person, one vote”.  Michigan, and California before them, have instituted ballot initiatives to overturn political interference in political mapping.  They prefer an independent citizen committee composed of all parties to redraw the political districts in 2020.  This is a great beginning but only a beginning.  The end result will undoubtedly be a fair and equitable 2020 election for We the People! 

Other citizens, affected by the EPA, have started citizen labs to test everything from plastic in the seas to radiation and air particulate matter occurring locally, requiring minimal expense.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon Americans to utilize these citizen labs in our own communities, then take the results to our local leaders and/or publicize our findings in order to protect our families and neighbors.  “We the People” do have power and by reaching out to each other we can overcome money in politics and corporate welfare.

Check out the following Lab Websites and learn how to conduct Science on the Cheap.

  • In Canada, Civic Lab for Environmental Action (CLEAR) detects particulate matter in water
  • Safecast in Tokyo has developed bGeigie to detect radiation levels in the air
  • PublicLabs in New Orleans, will help you to map and survey air particles.  They are available to all readers of The Economist and have developed cheap 3D printers, Spectrometers using your iPhone, flourescent microscopes and more. 
  • Be involved and add to the Citizen data projects and  map our own World for pockets of contamination.


See you later and we’ll chat.

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2 thoughts on “Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Kudos to African American Women & Millennials! They’ve mobilized to vote.

  1. Thanks for this. So very important! The people of America who did NOT vote, essentially made Donald Trump the President of the United States setting the trajectory of the country and the world in a very bad direction. Vote! Vote! Vote! at every level of government in every election. Run for election yourself! Work for people seeking election. Reject plutocracy and the rule of oligarchs! Peter Burgess ….

    1. Thank you for your comments and support. We think alike. I want to run as the first President of the People. Bipartisan ticket . Would you vote for me? Join the People’s movement to vote & get money and it’s pernicious Influence out of Politics. We need a massive voting mobilization and organization. All the best. Joyce. The Voice of Joyce America Speaks.US

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