The Voice of Joyce: Perisocpe @11am Power to the People! Do we watch silently or ACT?



I heard the news today, Oh No?  Sandwiched in between the weather and sports were the following one liners;  El Salvadorans given asylum over 20 or 30  years ago are facing deportation, 200,000 people!  They can’t go home.  Murder is rampant and so is poverty and drugs in El Salvador.  And that’s not all!  The Hondurans are also facing deportation.  These groups were given political asylum and now we’re turning our backs on them?  I don’t want to understand!


  • Remember, the old saying, When they took my neighbor, I didn’t raise my voice in protest.  After they took all my neighbors, they came for me and there was nobody left to raise their voices in protest.


The current GOP agenda doesn’t have one policy I approve .  Not one.  When I say shut down government, I mean it through legal means.  The GOP needs Bipartisan votes to lift the debt ceiling, deny them these votes unless:

1. Tax Cuts are modified giving real not promised jobs to “we the People”.  Good paying jobs,  paid apprenticeships and a data base linking jobs with skills countrywide.  No loopholes for the wealthy to evade taxes.  More jobs for IT and critical IT for Infrastructure protection. Tax Cuts have should be revenue neutral or the extra tax burden will weigh down the progress of future generations.

2. DACA kids are given permanent status.  Also ensure the safety and right to living in our Country of all minorities that are threatened with deportation unknown to the general population.

3. Congress reinstates the CHIP program.

4. Congress reinstate Net Neutrality



There’s so much to do.  We the people have the Power of the Ballot Box.  We must vote and we must cry out when we hear of injustice.  Don’t be bogged down by the stupid stuff, think, I didn’t vote for a Plutocratic agenda.  I didn’t vote for a bigoted, anti worker, racist agenda.  I didn’t vote to give my money to the wealthy while my children go hungry or I work 2-3 jobs to support them. 


Say what type of Society you want to live in!  Tell me.    I’m for Quality Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure projects giving everyone equal opportunity to work.  I’m not for a select group of Contractors & Lobbyists and Politicians living off the Public purse .  It’s time to exert our Power and insist that Politicians stand up for our rights, if not, vote them out of office.


See you later dear followers and we’ll chat.

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