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I’ve been staying close to home recuperating, though not entirely sedentary.  Last night I attended a seminar on voting rights, or voting suppression, in NY State.  Imagine my chagrin upon finding out that we are equally restrictive in access to the polls as many other States facing litigation today.

As far as I’m concerned, the great State of NY is not interested in overturning years of voter suppression, denial and bipartisan gerrymandering.  As a group , we were told to take one “baby step” at a time and appear as supplicants to our Governor and Senators who are blocking active legislation passed in the house for voter legislation reforms.

NY State’s Constitution, unlike many state Constitutions, does not provide a 10 day period for voter registration.  Nor can you vote early, or pick up an absentee ballot without cause.  A new proposal amends the State Constitution to allow registration 10 days prior to an election at venues capable of servicing 50, 000 people.  There must be a better way? Write-ins from home perhaps with updated information continually maintained on “secure” computers or iPads?


The blame is put on the shoulders of the GOP whip John Flanagan@518-455-2071.  Truthfully, it makes no difference what Party is obstructionist.  It serves both Parties to be gridlocked.  Being gridlocked means no policies to increase the ease of voter registration and increased Voter turnout.  It also means that the Senate works for donors and passes out perks to 8 Democratic Senators, keeping them loyal to the  GOP Mission of  voter suppression, harsh treatment of Immigrants,  criminal justice reform and  campaign finance and ethics reforms.  Who are these Senators?  I’ve listed them below and I would advise citizen delegations to visit them and obtain a written commitment from them  ASAP that they will vote with and for the issues important to “We the People” or, as concerned citizens, we should challenge their seats.  $75-85,000 + base pay for 61 days of service is a good deal!

  • Jeffrey Klein (Bronx & Westchester) 518-455-3595
  • Diane Savino (Staten Island & Brooklyn)
  • Tony Avella (Queens)
  • Jose Peralta (Queens)
  • Jesse Hamilton (Brooklyn)
  • Marisol Alcantara (Manhattan) 212-544-0173
  • David Carlucci (Rockland & Westchester)
  • David Valesky ( Syracuse)

160,000 voters were purged from the Brooklyn polls in the Primaries. We’re  supposed to be a “progressive” State.  The facts prove us deficient in providing ease of voting, citizen participation in district mapping, prison and justice reform.  Today, a judge overturned the Deportation of Ravi, an Immigrant Activist,  for wrongful seizure without due process.  We have many issues to surmount and a dedicated active citizenry can demand and obtain their rights.  We become who we want to be.  Right now, nothing is more important than voting for men and women in Congress on the local, State and Federal levels who represent the will of the People, not their Corporate donors.

“I expect my elected officials to work to eliminate the unnecessary barriers to voting in NYS.  We must make sure that any funding necessary for early voting and streamlined registration are available in the State Budget.” (Quoted from our Task Force on Civil Liberties @SWFS)  States that make access easy to vote increase turnout to 70%  Guess we’ll have to start car pooling here, entice celebrities to participate and #RockTheVote.

For more information on being involved in election reform, contact:

I do not rule out overturning bipartisan gerrymandering using a citizen ballot measure, similar to California and Michigan.  Gerrymandering maintains the status quo and  it dilutes our vote.

I’ve provided another link to  help you actively participate in the voting process, in our State and those next to your zip code.  A Democratic organization  is sponsoring the link, all ideas and procedures that will make voting easier are welcome on my site.

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