JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Donald Trump is no Populist. Teddie Roosevelt was! Followed by many more who created Laws to benefit “We the People” .




Donald Trump is no populist. TR , Woodrow Wilson and even Bismarck ( of Germany) were populists, according to this month’s Economist. These individuals and many more were concerned with the social welfare of their citizenry.


TR made it his mission to join with the Free Press and used their investigative reporting to break up Standard Oil and other monopolies. The scourge of modern times is not Globalization.  It is the rise of preferential monopolies that have the power to control wages and social mobility.  The lack of competition in our society coupled with favorable taxation makes only the top 5% happy.  The rest of us are stuck running in place just to have a few bucks to purchase necessities.

I understand that life is unfair.  However, when are lives are pre-ordained by laws created by the upper classes, our lives are less equal.   This is counter to every great religious teaching, stating that “all people are created equal.”


It is time for everyone in this country to wake up.  We are being manipulated to believe “the other” is taking our job. Those of us who see beyond the rhetoric and know the truth, know that is a story to divide us.  It pays for major corporate interests to manipulate our thoughts, they get more of the American pie, literally.


  • While the average worker gets a $1.50 extra per week in their pay check, as Paul Ryan touted, the top 5% accumulate Billions at our expense.


How will we reverse our State of Inequality, one way would be to invest substantially in Infrastructure.  The working American can no longer afford to pay for these projects.  Rather income and increased wages should accrue to them.  Than, who would we pay for these programs?  I would propose a State tax imposed on high income earners, those earning $500,000 a year .  Assess the high wage earners a tax on Salary, whether it is characterized as a fee or income, at 7%, that would level the playing field somewhat and make access to opportunity more equal.   The Economists, Thomas Piketty and Angus Deaton, I’m sure would support this  asset tax, considering tax evasion in America is equivalent to our National Debt.   


In addition to stimulating our economy by new projects and would create equal opportunity by restoring one person one vote. We can relentlessly pressure current state legislators to pursue the goals of the people or  assure them they will be challenged by alternates for their seat in Government.  Now is the time to pressure your representatives and choose alternative representatives for government to #RockTheVote.


In NYC we can enlist taxi drivers to help transport folks to the polls. We have a 100,000 taxis on the road.  Use them! We could also enlist our entertainment community to help us Rock the Vote.  This could be a turning point in American politics, if everyone participates and does their part to #RockTheVote.I would urge every State to follow the Alabama initiative and mobilize their communities in order  to make #RockTheVote possible.


Defeat Corporate interests by voting responsibly for the interests of the American people.  Our lives as a free people depend upon overturning this plutocracy and late stage capitalism now.


Let’s move forward together.

“The Heart and Pulse of the Middle Class “

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