Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Tax Cuts and their effect on “We the People”. We can overcome them!



Much is going on in Washington and “We the People” are called upon to become activists in our own communities.

While we may not be able to repeal those egregious unnecessary Tax Cuts, we can dilute them at every state level.  It pains me to hear that Oklahoma has schools open only 4 days a week, or that Baltimore schools have no heat.  This is also true in the case of NYC residents of Public Housing.  This is unacceptable.  When you listen to our Mayors and Governor‘s speak, the sound bites are so believable, until you listen closely and realize they are always projections for tomorrow.

If we want to change our culture, if we want equal opportunity, better education, healthcare and infrastructure, we have to do the following:

1. Overturn State Constitutions to allow non partisan citizen groups to redraw political voting maps. #RockTheVote

2. Overturn State Constitutions when they have pledged “no tax increases”.  There is only one way to raise revenue.  Tax the wealthy real estate developers and rural properties worth in excess of $3Million.  Then place a 9-10% surcharge on all big businesses operating in the states and Corporations that have in excess of 150 employees.

3. If insurance exchanges and big business CEO’s make more than 10 x the salary of their average employee, tax the excess 7%.

4. Think creatively. Why should We the People bear the responsibility for developing infrastructure when it is the responsibility of Government to provide services and the responsibility of Big Corporations who benefited from Government largess to give money back to the States and We the People?

Certainly they are going to propose a gas tax and a congestion tax, and Americans will pay.  Shouldn’t Big Business and Institutions pay their fair share as well?

Unless we can change our culture of voting, no equality is possible.  We should make same day registration and voting a priority and continue to advocate for banning money in politics.  If we are successful, we will change our world for the “free and the brave”.  We the People will be able to pursue life, liberty and happiness once again.  Dystopian societies don’t appeal to me.  Why would they appeal to you?

I don’t know how you feel about the Tax Cuts.  However, these perks made me very angry.  Instead of Corporate CEOs investing in their businesses or the American People, they got a tax break to give back to their shareholders and for purchasing corporate jets.  They are making those purchases on our dime as we struggle to pay our mortgage and car loans.  Isn’t it time for corporate cronyism to be reined in and time for equal opportunity for all?  This is our choice. We can advocate for a better life!

Together we can move forward.

See you tomorrow and we’ll chat.


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