The Voice of Joyce Community: we will have #People Power when we ban money in politics! How? Read on & let’s talk!


No question in my mind.  If we want change, we have to ban money in politics.  How can we?  When you pay your taxes, check off an amount you wish to contribute to a campaign.  If we don’t, big business, whether it’s Opioids or Guns or Banking will control the People’s narrative.

Some want an alternative to capitalism.  I’m not sure what that means: I’ve linked an interesting TED Talk to stimulate thoughts on Capitalism.   I just want an equal opportunity society with statesmen and women governing without benefiting their benefactors and benefits going to all Americans.  Maybe we need a real Populist like me, without Corporate ties, who can see into a science-enriched Society.




Think about it.

  • How many Opioid deaths do we want to tolerate?
  • How many more kids in school do we want to see dead or traumatized?
  • How many more financial crises can we bail out?
  • Our lists of misery appear endless.

What are we prepared to contribute to define a way of life we love? How much more pain do we want to endure.


See you Monday and we’ll talk.

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“The heart and Pulse of the Middle Class”

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