PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Morning in America/ ll

This short note was written in 2014. I am an expert in the causes of the Financial Crash of 2008. Let’s not repeat old mistakes. Let’s move forward.


Hi I am Joyce the voice of Joyce
I wanted to thank everyone for following my Blog and tell you personally that I’ve read your letters and appreciate your kind comments of support.

I believe I have become an expert on finance reform and know that , financial reform coupled with Corporate reforms would bring more money and stability back to this Country. The money that the Middle Class lost during the Recession of 2008 didn’t evaporate , it was transferred to the Banks and Corporations who have proven to be improper custodians of our wealth.

Income inequality exits. No need to debate that topic any longer. The only subject of debate is getting jobs to people in need. We still need government for a social safety net and for the big projects that generate jobs. But , government stimulus without accountability and responsibility is useless. We need accountability on…

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