America Speaks TheVoice Of Joyce Periscope @11am Democracy is more than a concept! Our fight for our rights is real!

#Resist and Rock the vote.  Large turnouts at the voting stations pays off.  I’m not sure that marching or large demonstrations have any affect on our Congressional Representatives; they have no empathy and can easily divert their hearts and eyes.  They respond, at this moment, to the corporations and lobbyists who fund their campaigns.  They haven’t realized that We the People, rocking our vote, through our passion for justice, have regained our power and we can and do accomplish our goals, using less money and more passion.

The people woke up, and once awakened you can’t go back to apathy and denial.  We’ve won our cause in West Virginia, in Ted Cruz country and Pa.  These small gains are enough to propel us forward.

Congress and the NRA are counting on us losing momentum when demanding stricter gun control legislation.  They are prepared to wait us out and do nothing.  We the People must prevail.  To do so we must litigate or craft the laws to be enacted for every State to follow.

If we ask friendly politicians for guidance, will they teach us how to write ballot initiatives and circumvent our Congressional Representatives ?

The same passion must be maintained to ensure the safety of DACA kids and their families.

On the state level, citizens must be prepared to elect Governors like Murphy in New Jersey, who are not afraid to raise corporate taxes.  Corporations think they won their civil rights.  They have prevailed and now it is time to take away those rights so the rest of us may do more than survive.  We deserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness too!  To achieve those promises in The Declaration Of Independence, We the People must reclaim our money and the ability to demand social services, health care, education and infrastructure in our State budgets.  The basics of life have been stolen from us, not by immigrants, whether they are legal or not.  They have been stolen by crafty, greedy Congressional Representatives who wrote laws favoring Corporate Taxation that encourages major corporations to leave the America we love for cheaper labor and larger profits overseas.  By their very nature, corporations, like many wealthy people, are never happy plundering one market.  As soon as the populace demands a better standard of living, the corporate citizen moves on and creates another emerging market.  Like wasps, they swarm to undiscovered countries, use a select group of employees and create the same system of inequality they left behind in America.  You may cry out in vain, “it’s not fair!”  Fairness and the rights of  We the People are not the corporate concern. Their shortsighted concerns are based on immediate monetary returns.  Since they are never content, their corporate enablers can’t ever stop serving their benefactors.

Knowing these truths, ugly as they are, should give us hope.  We the People know what we are fighting for and who we are against.  We are against all Congressional Representatives on the State and Federal levels who turn a blind eye to the value of human capital.  Those Representatives must not be elected to Congress again.  The 2016 election year was the People’s Waterloo.  We lost big time to an authoritarian power and conservative legislatures in the State and Federal Governments.  None of these anti-Americans, who have acknowledged they will lie on the campaign trail to get your vote, must be re-elected, #NeverAgain.  It stands for saving our lives and never again accepting our State of Inequality.  

A lot of work must be done.  To be effective,e our momentum must be sustained by taking to the streets next time with ballot initiatives that will codify our requests for gun control, tax increases for the wealthy and big business.  If they the Corporations and Corporate Citizen will not invest in our Communities, we will force them to invest in us by taxation and use of the rule of  law.  We will create a transparent system and shine a light on the Oligarch Class we created.

Once we have started back on the path to Democracy, every victory will be too sweet to forget and should propel us to further victories together.  To help #RockTheVote, I’ve enclosed toolkits for voter registration.  What do we want? Democracy! Equality! A grand vision for prosperous, healthy, educated Americans!

  • Here is the toolkit for hosting a voter registration table:
  • And here is the link to register to vote (regardless of your state of residence):
  • Last, a little early, buttons to print once you’ve voted and gotten others to vote on November 6th.  I’ve voted!
    Get out the vote!!!!!!!
    Send the attached art work to a button manufacturing company. Choose one of the six buttons, buy 100 buttons. It is print ready. Don’t pay for a proof. Wear one yourself, give them out to people, get those people to make a public verbal commitment to you (very important) to vote and also to wear a button, tell them to send the art work to their email list and social media platforms and to repeat the entire process with instructions.
  • : I Will Vote Buttons.pdf

We are indeed the United States Of America, one nation indivisible, and as Eisenhower added, under God!

See you Monday and we’ll chat. We the People woke up!  Don’t be surprised to hear about Cambridge Analytics too!

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