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No need to worry about a “deep state” when the local, State and the Federal Government only provide for the needs of Corporate citizens.  Trump fears the Mueller Investigation so he lashes out at the “deep state” and the media.  These are typical responses from a man who was a boss over a media & real estate “empire”, but not appropriate for the President of a Democracy, based on the rule of Law.  As a President,  he has failed “We the People”.  Every day there is less work done in Congress and more scandals.  His Presidency was engineered in 2013 when the Mercers, in collusion with Steve Bannon, and allegedly, Facebook, decided to profile and target Americans for political gain.  They were successful. Psyops works.  Anyone working with the Military knows these procedures are successful. Propaganda is a proven tool.

It worked to elect Senators and it worked to elect Donald Trump.  The stakes for some in the GOP Tea Party were high. Theses moguls were fighting to hold back progress in America in order to capture as much wealth as possible.  They had no empathy or compassion for those who would suffer from inequality.  They simply did not care about the State of our Union as long as they, their corporate cronies, and Congress, the benefactors of their largesse, wrote the laws to favor corporate civil rights above the rights of “We the People”.

The outcome of this diabolical scheme to capture the Presidency is:

  • More mass murders than before
  • Increased opioid addiction that requires treatment, not the murder of drug dealers as the President suggests.
  • A lack of city planning with little thought to protect uninformed homeowners of potential risk
  • High cost healthcare
  • Inferior education
  • Inferior infrastructure
  • A military that depends upon outdated equipment rather than making the giant technological leaps required to stay current with our adversaries.
  • An outsized fear of immigrants
  • Monopolies

The lists cataloguing what went wrong is long. The solutions are possible whenever “We the People” take back the running of our government and agree on our budgetary priorities.  This week we may find out what part of the Federal Budget is allocated to us in the form of education, healthcare, infrastructure projects and our social safety net. 


Of course, a grand vision with scientific achievements in our future is far preferable to saddling our children and grandchildren with debt and a country that still requires infrastructure improvements and cybersecurity.  That’s why “We the People” need to unite and #RockTheVote in November, sufficient to rewrite our laws and benefit real persons, not the corporate ones.

See you later and we’ll chat.

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