America Speaks The Voice Of Joyce Periscope @11am Monday Parkland teens support #Register to Vote! This movement has legs. Let’s talk Healthcare alternatives, sit ins & unionizing all contractors & office workers , plus 2 years of service, your choice!



The Parkland Kids have added to their Gun Safety Movement and are encouraging young people in High School and College to #RegisterToVote, now.  Than, they are advocating that  young adults #RockTheVote in November.   “We”( Collectively) should not re-elect Congressional Representatives,  who do not vote for the rights of “We the People” and respond only to their donors.   Enriching the top 5% has not brought  good paying jobs back to America in 10 yrs.

When thinking, #RockTheVote, think of Tennesse and Sentator Bob Corker’s soon to be vacant seat!  Another special election is being held and a respected Democrat, Phil Bredesen, the former governor of Tennesse , is running against Marcia Blackburn, a Trump-supporting Republican.  She’s on the wrong side of the issues.  Support Phil Bredesen for Bob Corker’s senate seat & #RockTheVote,  Bob Corker,  calls Phil his friend!

Several interesting concepts were discussed with me this weekend and I thought perhaps they warranted our attention.  I don’t believe this proposal supplants Medicare or Expanded Medicaid.  It’s another option.  It benefits Dr’s directly and they form the groups with specialists and insurance to service their Communities.

1. Health Care was mentioned as a  top priority of all Americans.  It’s especially necessary to maintain a healthy population in Rural, poor & Middle Class America.   Mindful that Janesville has opened their own NGO’s to feed and clothe the less fortunate in their community, would it be possible for similar towns to unite and encourage local Doctor groups to form and promote quality low cost health care for several communities?  They could create their own insurance groups and have enough clout to negotiate pricing with big pharmaceutical companies?  Would many surrounding towns unite to form significant groups of 25,000-50,000 people?  They would all be using the services of an NGO Dr’s group, receiving primary care as well as specialist referrals when necessary, including but not limited to psychological counseling, addiction treatment and systemic disease prevention, care and monitoring. These groups could then be networked to a major convenient hospital center through the Dr – specialist referral system.  Sounds doable,  citizen groups making their own choices now when nothing else exists.  One open question, what entity and who would pay for the Dr’s services? Grant $’s?

When we have # rocked the vote, perhaps we can compromise and provide quality healthcare at low cost?

  • One way is to expand Medicaid for all low & Middle Class families. 70 million citizens are now on Medicaid.  This includes  49% of all babies ,   20% of all adults ,  39% of all children & 64% of all nursing home residents. 
  •  Medicare  negotiation of drug pricing with the pharmaceutical companies  is a “must have”.  In addition,  having friends on expensive chemo therapy drugs, has made me aware of the “Insurance Gap” , known as the “donut hole” in prescription drug coverage, making purchasing of necessary life saving drugs an economic challenge.

2. Once again the topic of a National strike was mentioned. People are concerned about Revolution? Me, I’m all for #RockingTheVote, unionizing all office workers and independent contractors to negotiate Healthcare policies on a grand scale .   Afraid of losing your job and someone else taking it, sit ins were effective in the 1930’s. That’s when the UAW was formed in Janesville. Their GM Plant personnel were the only ones not rioting and in solidarity with all the other workers.   Concerned citizens are thinking about alternative futures for a healthy, educated populace. We’ll get the Society we want, when we unite with one voice and succinct demands for Legislation.  360 million Americans can surely reach common ground on Healthcare, Education & Infrastructure projects.  We were created “as one Nation indivisible”.

3. The last item mentioned was two years of National Service with options to learn skills that interest you, through testing in mechanical aptitude and other skill sets leading to an appropriate educational or vocational path.  Of course, Military Service is an option as well.  My grandson, I’m proud to say, chose the US Army. There are many solutions to our State of Inequality.  Thinking collectively will provide good choices for us.


See you  Monday and we’ll chat

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